20 Techniques Proving Torture Is Beyond Brutal

Neck Torture

This punishment was not only painful, but also humiliating. The user wore a neck device, made of metal or wood, which prevented them from getting comfortable. The victim could not lie down, eat, or lower their head for days for fear of being skewered alive.


The thumbscrew was a small metal machine that, when twisted, would crush the fingers and toes slowly. It was primarily used to extract confessions during the medieval times. The pain victims endured was beyond bearable, as their nail was crushed into their skin before being flattened completely.

Rope Torture

A rope is a pretty simple tool to use, so turning it into a torture device was easy. The victim could be hung from a tree, leaving them exposed to humans and animals without the ability to defend themselves. Another way they were tortured was by tying limbs to horses and forcing them to run.

The Rack

The Rack was particularly brutal. The victim was tied to either end of the wooden machine, which was then twisted to pull their body from either end, stretching them out. The pain of being ripped apart ensured many coughed up answers.

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