20 Things All ’00s Girls Are Embarrassed They Did

For girls in their 20s, the ’00s were the golden age. Packed to the brim with boy bands, unforgettable fashion choices and enviable technological developments, girls everywhere had it all. Looking back, though, there are a few things which nobody ever likes to talk about and as soon as they’re mentioned, entire friendship groups can go to pot.

If you were an ’00s girl, we know you did these things. Whilst there’s no shame in the past, these embarrassing ’00s habits are a little too mortifying for words.

Killing Off Sims Families

While The Sims might have been created to encourage responsibility and empathy within young children, you used the computer game as a way to come up with increasingly gruesome ways to kill off your characters. Of course, it was just healthy curiosity, but try explaining that to anybody out there.

Wearing Low Rise Jeans

Comfort was completely irrelevant to you in the ’00s and if jeans so much as touched your navel, you wouldn’t dream of wearing them. Even though low rise jeans meant bending down was an impossibility, you stuck to your guns, and wore them throughout the entire ’00s.

Buying Fake Louis Vuitton Bags

Louis Vuitton was the picture of chic style in the 2000s, and even if you didn’t have the money to buy an original bag, you didn’t let it stop you. You spent the weekends scouring the streets for the best fake you could find, and felt no shame at all at the time.

Dying Half Your Hair Blond

There was no end to the ways in which you could shake up your look in the ’00s and dying half of your hair blond was only the beginning. There’s an entire year’s worth of photos which you have buried from public viewing, terrified that someone will discover your past hair secret.

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