20 Things All ’00s Girls Are Embarrassed They Did

Wearing Ironic Slogan Tees

Everything was ironic in the ’00s and even though you didn’t understand most of the slogans going around, you never had a problem with wearing them on your shirt. You look back at yourself then and cringe, but at the time, you didn’t think style got much better.

Bedazzling Everything

If something wasn’t sparkly, you weren’t interested in it and on certain days, your outfits shone brighter than the sun. You secretly wish that rhinestones would come back into fashion today, just so you could get some use out of the glue gun you made your parents buy you.

Creating Fake Online Profiles

Before social media hit the big time, you spent your free time creating fake profiles on the web and stalking people from your school. Your days as an online stalker still haunt you today and you’re pretty much convinced that karma is going to have something to say about it.

Having Tom From MySpace As A Top Friend

Whilst everyone else was reshuffling their top friends list on MySpace, you non-ironically listed Tom as one of your best buddies. Looking back now, you can’t believe the fool you made of yourself but back then, you believed your friendship was true.

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