20 Things That Single People Can Relate To

Navigating the world as a single person has become increasingly tricky in this day and age. With friends pairing up all around you, it can feel like everyone you know is dropping like flies. When you’re the last single person in your group of friends, a lot of strange events can start happening to you, and if you’ve been on the receiving end of any one of these things, then we feel your pain. Without further ado, here are twenty things single people can relate to.

You Will Have To Explain Why You’re Single

For some reason, most people require an entire history to back up the fact that you’re single. A simple explanation just won’t do, so you have to go back years in your romantic life to justify your current status. Lucky you.

You Will Get Depressed By TV Relationships

What is it with TV? Everything on screen is so obviously faked and romanticized and yet, you can’t help but feeling completely depressed that you don’t have a relationship like the ones on your favorite show.

You WIll Begrudgingly Download Tinder

Tinder is never a good idea and yet, by the third hour of having to explain your single status, you’re willing to do anything to shut everyone up. As soon as you find a match, you freak out and delete the app.

You Will Vow Never To Go On Blind Dates Again

Every single one of your friends seems to know someone who will be perfect for you and over time, you have reluctantly let them set you up on a blind date. After the 15th cringe worthy dinner, you vow to never again trust your friends.

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