20 Things You Will Only Get If You Grew Up In A Small Town

Bright lights, big city; that’s what we all want when we move out from home. Becoming independent for the first time is all about having fun, and there’s no better place to do that than in the city. Coming from a small town is a fate unlike anything else and even though your friends in the city claim that they understand your childhood, you know that they have no clue. Escaping your tiny hometown is the biggest victory of your life, so embrace it. You’ll never have to do anything of these things again.

Drinking Cheap Beer In The Park

Evenings were for one thing and for one thing only and even if you didn’t want to drink beer, you did a pretty good job of pretending. The only way to socialize if you were under age was to hang out in the park and if you looked creepy, you didn’t care.

Recognizing Strangers In Your Town

Your town was so small that you knew practically everyone by sight. Even if you hadn’t got up the nerve to make conversation with new people, you gave them your own names and personalities, and talked openly about them with your friends.

Irrationally Hating A Nearby School

There were only two main schools in your town and whichever one you didn’t go to was irrationally hated. You have no idea where the weird rivalry came from but if you were caught so much as chatting to someone from the other school, it was basically social suicide.

Freaking Out Over New Shops In Town

Most of the shops had been in your town ever since you could remember, so on the rare occasion that a new shop opened, you had a full on meltdown. You spoke to strangers about it on the streets for weeks and even wrote an essay about curbing your enthusiasm.

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