20 Thoughts All Single People Have Had

Every single person is more than aware of the perils present in the big wide world. When all of your friends are pairing up around you, it’s easy to feel like you’re some sort of social pariah. If you’ve been single for a really long time, your brain starts to do funny things to you and it might not be long before you have changed your perspective on dating altogether. If you’re single, you’ve probably thought at least one of these things before and trust us when we say, it really is okay.

Maybe I’m The One

The fact that you haven’t met anybody of any potential interest for the last three years has led you to think the inevitable, that you are, in fact, your “one”. Maybe you should just stop dating and admit the fact that no-one measures up to you, and that it’s really okay.

Food Makes Me Happier Than Any Person Could

Food won’t talk back to you, leave you alone to go out with its friends or belittle your ideas. The fact is that, whenever you need it, food is there for you, and that’s all you really need right now.

Is It Obvious That I’m Single?

If you’re a long-time singleton, you might feel like you’re wearing your relationship status on your sleeve. Going into new bars or cafes can feel like a whole new challenge in itself and when faced with the judging eyes of couples, you would rather just have stayed at home.

How Desperate Am I Feeling Tonight?

Your emotions range from blind hatred to utter desperation and from time to time, you act a little crazy. When you’re alone in a club, sometimes you just have to listen to your heart and let your head pick up the pieces in the morning.

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