20 Times We Saw a Little Too Much of Kate Middleton

She is beautiful, elegant, and gracious. She’s a Duchess after all, and the future Queen of England. But she’s also a stylish young woman. And like most stylish young women, she’s shown a little leg in her time. Unfortunately, due to high winds, she’s also shown a lot of butt in her time. Here are 20 pictures of the Kate Middleton when she was showing us a little too much… for a future Queen anyway. Please be aware this may not be safe for work.

Good Thing They’re in Front of Her

Kate went on an international tour with the Prince in 2011 and she, of course, brought none other than the outfit and legs for a great showing. Here she’s seen with fans and obviously, not 100% aware of her surroungings, or her outfit for that matter.

Meeting the President of Singapore

On October 21, 2014, Kate Middleton met the president of Singapore. A little too much breeze caused the pregnant princess’s dress to fly north. Looks like all eyes were elsewhere… except the photographer’s.

Tummy Time

Here’s Kate with her sweetheart, cheering on their team.Yes, she’s wearing pants, but that doesn’t mean she’s not flashing some skin. Here it’s that super tiny waist that’s exposed.

Baby Faced

Here is lovely Kate, looking babyfaced and stylish for a night out on the town. Clutching her purse, she exposes her toned thighs while the pappazarri snap away.

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