20 Tricks And Weird Things You Didn’t Know Your Body Could Do

Clear Your Nasal Passages

Instead of spending a ton of money on nasal decongestant, there is a neat little trick your body can do to clear your nasal passages. Just press your tongue against the roof of your mouth, flick your finger against the area between your eyebrows and this will make the bone in your nose to rock back and forth which will then loosen up your nasal passages and clear your sinuses up after about 20 seconds.

Fighting Acid Reflux At Night

If you suffer from acid reflux and want to sleep good at night without waking up needing to ease the heartburn, just sleep on your left side instead of on your back or your right side. This helps because the esophagus and stomach are tied at an angle and when sleeping on your left side, your stomach is lower than your esophagus. However, if you sleep on your right side, gravity doesn’t work so well because the stomach is higher than your esophagus which then allows the acid from your stomach to go right up into your throat causing you acid reflux.

Ease A Toothache With Ice

You can easily reduce the pain from your toothache with ice but without even opening your mouth. Just rub an ice cube on the area in between your thumb and your index finger and it will ease the pain up. This neat little trick will ease your toothache by about half, which is a lot when it comes to your teeth. This trick works because of that neural pathway that is in that little ‘V’ in between your thumb and index finger that keeps pain from going to your face.

Eliminate Burn Marks On Your Skin

This neat trick the body can do is like taking an eraser and erasing the burn marks from your skin. If you accidentally touch something really hot and burn your fingers or hand or any other part of your body, instead of putting ice on the burned skin, just clean your skin really well and apply some light pressure to where you burnt yourself using the unburned fingers on your other hand. Although ice helps with the pain from the burn, this natural trick will prevent blisters from popping up from the burn. This is because using the unburned fingers on your other hand and applying pressure to the burn will return the burned area to normal temperature, therefore, reducing the risk of blisters forming on the burned area of your skin.

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