20 Unreal Authentic Photos That Will Leave You Speechless

We all know that the perfect timing can make your day. What if it involved photos? Here you have something frozen in time to look at over and over. Your cameras can captures great moments turning them into some hilarious coincidences and beautiful optical illusions. If you’ve ever taken a perfectly timed photo, you’ll understand how this works. Whether it’s funny or beautiful, sometimes you have moments that seem totally unreal. They seemed to be completely staged. This compilation shows just that; some of the most jaw dropping, completely authentic images on the net!

Wild Wedding

Is this woman really marrying an owl?

Go To Sleep Dragon

There’s a cloud breathing dragon yawning in the air.

Colorful Fart

This cat seems to be comfortably farting rainbows. I wonder if poops butterflies too?

Lift Off

The trail makes it look like this roller coaster launched off into space.

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