20 Ways The ’00s Were Actually The Best

If you were a teenager during the 2000’s, then you know something that no-one else does; the ’00s were secretly awesome. Whilst we might look back and cringe at the fake tans, the belly piercings and the weird obsession we had with poker straight hair, living in the decade was a whole different story. If you harbor a secret obsession for the ’00s, you’re not alone. We all know, deep down, that the 2000’s were where it was at and if you weren’t convinced before, we’re about to change your mind.

The Trend Of Velour Tracksuits

Endless comfort with an adjustable waistline? Yes please. The fact that it was okay to wear coordinated comfies at any time of the day is enough to make the ’00s the best decade ever. The best part? You could write whatever you wanted on the back.

The Arrival Of Ryan Gosling

Let’s take a moment to think back to the mid ’00s and the arrival of The Notebook. Ryan Gosling’s part in the film spawned a whole new generation of superfans and with it, created an entirely new meaning of the word “obsession”.

The Release Of Bedazzled Phones

Cell phones shot to a whole other level in the ’00s and if your phone wasn’t bejeweled, adjustable or super tiny, then you weren’t anybody. The most popular girls had bedazzled RAZRs, obviously. There was nothing better than super slim sparkles.

The Meltdown Of Tyra Banks

The coming of America’s Next Top Model was arguably one of the most significant events of the ’00s. The time when Tyra shouted at Tiffany has gone down in television folklore and secretly, we all wished that Tyra cared about us in the same way.

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