20 Weird And Crazy Inventions That You Have Never Heard Of Before

Goggle Umbrella

If you are tired of not being able to see through your umbrella, no worries! This goggle umbrella will let you see through the transparent part.

Baby Mop

Your baby already crawls and scoots all over the floor now, so why not put this mop onesie on them so they can clean your floor at the same time?

Training Wheels For High Heels

If you are uncomfortable with wearing high heels but you have to learn soon, this invention will help. Training wheels on high heels will help you learn how to wear high heels effectively.

Utensil Pen Caps

If you are tired of having to put your pen down to eat, with this invention you can eat and write at the same time! No need to take turns eating and writing anymore.

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