20 Weird And Crazy Ways To Save Money

Saving money is something everyone needs to do. There are the normal ways to save like putting money in a savings account and then there are some weird ways to save money such as flushing your toilet less often. Although that is a gross way to save money, it actually works because you will be saving more money on your water bill. Check out these 20 weird and crazy ways to save money so you can have more money in your pocket.

Go Without Washing Your Hair

This is gross and not everyone can do this because of the way their hair is, but doing this can save money on your water bill and not to mention save money since you won’t have to buy shampoo. You can actually go from washing it every day to washing it once a week. Your hair will have more volume and body to it. Of course, you will have to put up with about a week of gross and oily hair but once you get through that, your hair will produce less oil making it so you just don’t have to wash it as often. This can save you time and money.

Stop Using Coupons

You might think you are saving money by using coupons but you actually aren’t. They are really just tricks to get you to buy something on impulse. Not only this, but the coupons you get are usually on brand name items. Instead of using coupons, buy generic instead to save money.

Unsubscribe To Junk Email And Junk Snail Mail

Either don’t subscribe at all or if you already have, unsubscribe from them. They are just temptations to get you to buy something from them. Unsubscribing from junk mail and junk email will also help cut down on all that clutter you may have.

Stop Using Toilet Paper

Yeah, another gross way to save money and not everyone is going to do this but if you did, imagine how much money you could save! Instead of using toilet paper, buy extra cheap wash cloths at the dollar store and use them to wipe with instead. You can wash these with bleach and hot water and keep using them.

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