20 Weird Quirks That Are Actually Medical Disorders

People think of illnesses as medical mishaps that cause distress or pain. Everyone knows about the flu or AIDS or cancer, but just because an illness isn’t obvious or doesn’t seem that threatening to a person’s health doesn’t mean that it isn’t considered to be a kind of sickness. There are a whole range of medical disorders in this world that you’ve likely never heard of and probably never thought could even exist, but they do – some are odd, some are comical, and some are downright freaky. And yet, the most surprising thing about them is that you’ve probably come across them before and never even realized it.

Fregoli Delusion

While you might think your slightly paranoid friend might have this, Fregoli Delusion is actually pretty rare. It is diagnosed in a person who believes that a whole bunch of people are actually one single person who is able to disguise his or herself.


If you ever thought a gaggle of girls screaming and going crazy at a Justin Bieber concert was the paragon of mass hysteria, you aren’t too far off. It was named after the famed pianist Franz Liszt and his fanatical fan base – a more current example would be Beatlemania.

Jargon Aphasia

While you might think its cute or funny when your buddy makes up his or her own words, if they do it often then you might want to be wary. Jargon Aphasia happens when a person uses made up words in a sentence – some cases are so severe that the sufferer will speak entirely in gibberish all the time.

Rapunzel Syndrome

Have you ever seen a little girl chewing on her own hair and thought it was an adorable childish tick? Unfortunately, people who have Rapunzel Syndrome not only chew on but eat their own hair which can lead to major digestive distress and sometimes even death.

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