20 Weird Traditions From Around The World

Every family has a couple of weird traditions that they adhere to. Most countries have a couple of traditions people would view as pretty weird too, if they weren’t actually residents of those countries. Some of the traditions are specifically for Holidays and other times these are just traditions that they go through at some point in their lives. No matter the reason, you’ll be shocked to see some of these traditions from around the world.

Whipping Women On the Butt (Czech Republic)

On Easter Monday, men in the Czech Republic go door to door with gaily decorated, braided wooden switches. These men lightly smack women on the buttocks in hopes of imbuing them with fertility.

Feeding The Dead (Rome)

While this tradition isn’t practiced as often, it is still done occasionally and was quite popular years ago. Roman citizens would enact a series of tubes leading through graveyards and these tubes would be used to send honey and other liquids into the tombs of their loved ones. This was actually a way of feeding the dead.

La Tomatina (Spain)

This might qualify as one of the largest food fights in the world. In the Spanish town of Bunol, La Tomatina takes place on the last Wednesday in August. Townspeople throw tomatoes at one another in lighthearted good fun.

Greeting Magpies (UK)

People in the UK believe that seeing a lone magpie is bad luck. On the other hand, these same people believe that they can get rid of the bad luck if they greet the bird with the salutation: “Good morning Mr Magpie, and how is your lady wife today?”

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