20 Weirdest Places Drugs Have Been Smuggled

Drug dealers generally aren’t the smartest people in the world. They may be able to pocket a lot of a money doing something illegally, but it won’t last forever. They often do the undoing themselves by committing a stupid act when transporting the goods. You have to admire some of the creative ways these people think of smuggling drugs to other countries in this list, from stuffing them in children’s toys to putting them in breast implants. Some of them, though, are not so commendable.


Two drug dealers surgically inserted an undisclosed amount of cocaine into their Labrador. The drugs were sent from Colombia to Britain, but were caught at the Stansted Airport.

Public Flower Pot

Maybe they didn’t think it’d be conspicuous if marijuana grew around normal plants, but police eventually noticed the plant when it grew three feet tall.


Peru police found four tons of liquid cocaine in over 8,000 cans of artichokes. The package was en route to Spain.


The Guatemalan Army received a tip and took control of a submarine operated by Colombians and Mexicans that had nearly 10 tons of cocaine on board.

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