20 Widely Believed Misconceptions That Are Not True

We are vessels of information, moving through space and time, absorbing anything we can to make sense of the world around us. The problem with this is that most of the information we absorb remains unverified. We end up taking everything at its face value instead of digging deeper and trying to ascertain the truth. This is how most of the misconceptions in the world are born. Here is a list of 20 common misconceptions that are simply not true.

You Can’t See The Great Wall Of China From Space

It is true that the ‘Great Wall Of China’ is enormous and is indeed a spectacle to behold. What isn’t true is the fact that you can see it from space! At the end of the day, it’s still a wall — you wouldn’t be able to see it from space no matter how ‘great’ the wall.

A Black Hole Isn’t A Hole

It is in fact a massive and dense object with a great amount of gravitational pull. It’s gravitational pull is so strong that it merely feels like a hole because of the fact that it can suck matter into it.

Einstein Didn’t Fail At Math

The greatest mind of our time is often used as an example of early failures translating into success. It is believed that he failed at math when he was child but went on to own the field in his later years. Although he did fail an entrance exam for a school, he did not fail at math. Einstein was always amazing at math.

Goldfish Do Not Have A 3 Second Memory

Having a memory span of three seconds could possibly be the cruellest thing in the world. Goldfish certainly do not deserve this injustice which is why they are blesses with a healthy memory span of 3 months.

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