202 Skydivers Team Up For Record-Breaking Coordinated Jump

Even if it’s a safe sport — or safe enough, at least — it probably takes a very persuasive argument to convince someone to go skydiving. Rushing winds, a lack of solid ground, and the threat of falling to one’s doom are always going to be factors, and that’s on top of the perennial fear of heights. Only a rare few would dare to try it — which makes a stunt that brought 202 of them together even more impressive.

As part of an event coordinated by Skydive Perris, the group came together to shatter a world record, even if they had to do so 18,000 feet above the Californian soil. Notably, the group consists of more than trained professionals; divers from thirty different countries, including Brazil, France, and Russia, dove from multiple planes and linked into two different formations on their way down. That allowed them to enter the record books as the largest group of skydivers to successfully make those formations — a marked step up from the 122 that used to hold the title.

It’s something to be proud of, but one major point of interest is that the team isn’t done yet. The plan is to continue diving in the days to come — not just for fun, but for the chance to form up again and break even more world records in the sky. Chances are high that they’ll keep the momentum going, so it’s clear that their courage is going to be rewarded.

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