43 Dinosaur Eggs Discovered In Southern China

State media has reported that forty-three fossilized dinosaur eggs were discovered in southern China. The fossils were discovered earlier this month in Heyuan, Guangdong province. The area where they were discovered was in the midst of an upgrade to their road system. These were all large fossils, with the biggest being 13 cm (6 in) in diameter.

Du Yanli, the director of the city’s Dinosaur Museum, has said that nineteen were still intact. Experts intend to examine the discovered eggs to find out exactly what species they are. Heyuan is now calling itself the “Home of Dinosaurs”. City authorities claim over 17,000 fragments of fossilized dinosaur eggs have been discovered since 1996.

Du has said that it is possible they might locate other dinosaur remains within the sandstone beds located around the city. Construction projects should be halted should any fossils be discovered, Du has stated. Unfortunately, some people don’t notify officials about their discoveries. For example, in 2004, one man within Heyuan was arrested after police found 557 fossilized dinosaur eggs within his home that he had not reported.

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