5 Interesting Facts About The History Of Cars

The car industry has changed the way we maneuver around the world for well over one hundred years now. From the first sets of horseless carriages to cars that can reach top speeds that were previously never thought possible, automobiles have come a long way from when they were first introduced. Automobiles come in all shapes and sizes, personalized to fit every need of the driver now. The invention of the first automobile opened up a whole new way of living for so many people, making things more convenient and places easily accessible that would have taken a lot longer to get to in a carriage or on foot.

The following is five cool facts about the history of cars.

The Curved Dash Oldsmobile Was The First Mass Produced Automobile

Made in 1901, the Curved Dash Oldsmobile was the first of the mass produced automobiles. Produced by Olds Motor Works in Detroit, the founder Ransome Eli Olds produced a total of 425 of the automobiles that year using techniques of an assembly line, later perfected by Henry Ford.

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