6 Year-Old Boy On Unsuspecting Bike Ride When Horse Bites His Penis Off

A six-year-old boy from the Ukraine was involved in an horrific incident that’s almost too unbelievable to be true. One of the family’s pet horses decided to attack the boy when he was riding around on his bike and the mare decided to bite off his penis. There are no known previous incidents between the boy and the horse, and there are pictures of them being together. The boy’s father said: “I was dealing with the horses when I heard my boy screaming, ‘she bit it off, she bit it off!'”

The boy was rushed to the hospital and had immediate surgery after his reproductive organ was recovered from the horse. One of the doctors in the report indicated that it was one of the strangest scenes he’s ever been involved in, usually having to repair “a severed finger or something like that” after a horse attack. Luckily, surgery was successful in reattaching his penis, but a full recovery is unknown at this point.

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