65-Year-Old Mother Of 13 Announces She’s Pregnant With Quadruplets

65-year-old Annegret Ranuigk will become the oldest women ever to give birth to quadruplets. The German schoolteacher is already the mother of 13 children. Her journey of being pregnant again with quadruplets will be featured on a television documentary. Ranuigk’s pregnancy was the result of an artificial insemination that used both donated eggs and sperm.

Annegret Ranuigk is currently in her 21st week of her pregnancy. She said she was shocked when the ultrasound revealed that she was carrying quadruplets. Her gynecologist gave her the option to possibly do a selective reduction. That is where one or more of the fetuses would be aborted in a multi-fetal pregnancy. Ranuigk declined her gynecologist’s offers.

Ranuigk previously made headlines in Berlin a few years ago when she gave birth to her daughter Leila when she was 55-years-old. She stated that she wanted to have the babies while she was still quite fit and able to look after them. She doesn’t think she will have any problems raising her quadruplets. Ranuigk said she decided to have more children once her youngest asked for a younger sibling to play with. As for the naysayers that are against her recent pregnancy, Annegret Ranuigk said she doesn’t pay them any mind.

‘I think one needs to decide for oneself and not listen too much to the opinions of others.’

The oldest of her 13 children is 44-years-old and the youngest is 9-years-old. All 13 children are by five different men. Ranuigk has seven grandchildren. Currently, the oldest woman to ever give birth to quadruplets is Merryl Fudel, who was 55 at the time. The oldest woman to ever give birth was a 70-year-old Indian woman by the name of Omkari Panwar.

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