7 Year-Old Boy Fatally Shot At Birthday Celebration

A 7-year-old boy was shot and killed at a family party celebrating a baby’s first birthday in Charlotte, North Carolina. The boy, Kevin Antonio Calderon Rodas, was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at a local medical center. Police were called in around 9:00 PM after reports of a drive-by shooting happened at a birthday party. Authorities found the wounded boy with family members when approaching the scene of the crime. Another child and two adults were also injured, however they had suffered non-life-threatening injures and were treated at the scene.

A report from USA Today reveals that there is no apparent reasoning behind the shooting: “At this time, the motive for the shooting is still unknown. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police detectives and officers are still investigating the area with K-9 units as well as aviation and gang units.” Deputy Chief Jeff Estes called it “a sad state of affairs” when referencing that kids couldn’t play freely in their own neighborhood without something tragic happening.

While the victims of the shooting were being treated, police heard gun shots coming from the distance. Upon checking to location, two additional people were shot, this time a man and a woman. The man suffered non-life-threatening injuries, with the woman sadly passing the injuries. Authorities have not yet found a link between the crimes.

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