70-Year-Old Cycles From England To France To Buy His Wife’s Favorite Coffee

A 70-year-old man cycled from Devonport in the UK to France to stock up on his wife’s favorite coffee when their supplies began to run low. David Pedlow made the 250 mile round trip because no shops in England sell the French-made coffee and his wife can’t drink any other kind.

While his wife didn’t ask him to go and get the coffee, she wasn’t surprised that he made the trip. The couple have been together since they were both 18 and Jackie said: “I wasn’t surprised at all; I expected he might do it as we are experimenting with living without a car.

David spent a day traveling from Plymouth to Dover on his bicycle before boarding a ferry that would take him across the English Channel. Once he arrived in France he cycled to a supermarket just outside of Roscoff to pick up the 30kg of coffee that he had ordered the day before. The pensioner then cycled back to the port where he got another ferry back to England before making the journey home.

I got the boat at 8.30pm and slept overnight on the floor,” explained David. “When I arrived in Roscoff I cycled out west through Santec along the coast, which has very pretty views. I then cut inland to Saint-Pol-de-Léon which meant I didn’t have any steep hills. Cycling in France is absolutely marvelous as the drivers are so careful. It really is a joy.

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