911 Called After A Monkey Was Eating The Neighbor’s Mail

Police officers throughout Florida have become quite used to responding to wild animal calls from the citizens in the area – though they mostly deal with birds, reptiles, and the occasional alligator that strayed too far from the swamps in the area. However, a recent call has left the local police department a bit dumbfounded.

According to CBS News, Sanford Police Department officers were dispatched to a local suburb after a neighbor called in a mail-eating monkey at the house across the road.

The officers, who were unsure whether or not the animal would be aggressive, brought back up in the form of five armed men. Accompanying these policemen and women were the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, who responded as a simple precaution.

Officers used one of their cars to block off the road, just in case the monkey was a danger to the residents. However, the monkey left the mailbox and moved to the top of one of the patrol cars instead. The monkey’s owner finally responded, thankfully. The police said: “Our officers respond to some pretty serious, sad and horrific calls. It’s nice to be able to respond to something of this nature, a little more lighthearted and have a happy ending.”

The monkey had all of his paperwork in order, and within 20 minutes the owner managed to take “Zeek” into his arms and safely away from the scene. The monkey was not charged with tampering with federal mail or being disorderly atop the police car.

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