A Nun Is Trying To Win MasterChef To Pay Off Church Debt

A nun is taking part in the Mexican version of reality television show MasterChef so that she can pay off some of the debt owed by her church. Sister Florinda Ruiz has already progressed through several rounds of the series and is hoping to win the grand prize of 1 million pesos ($59,000), a sum that would help to solve financial problem at The Sisters of the Passion of Christ and Our Lady of Sorrows church.

Sister Florinda Ruiz usually works in the kitchen in her congregation so is used to preparing meals, though that experience has proven to be little assistance as she has already faced elimination several times. The nun has always been a lover of cooking, believing that it “brings you closer to God.”

Speaking in interviews outside of the show, the 67-year-old explained how it was difficult being away from the church for so long as she couldn’t find a quiet place to pray or help the other nuns carry out their duties. However, she has said that she has enjoyed taking part in MasterChef and now that filming was finished she would miss the experience.

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