A two for one special

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  • A two for one special
  • HIFW Bernie lost the primary but I was positive that Trump wouldn't win the election anyways
  • When I have a Tagpro with boosts and bombs at my disposal
  • HMJB while I lay down a double headshot on my siblings
  • ANgrY alCOHOliC daD knOCKS ouT hIS TwO YOunG CHilDREN
  • InnOcEnt chILdrEn gUnnEd dOwn by hOmEschOOL shOOtEr
  • New DLC boss hitbox porn. Gangsquads HATE him!!!
  • When you land that sweet Jhin Dancing Grenade
  • WiCKEd steP-BotHEr cRusHEs iNNosENT SibliNGS
  • SMart boMb desROys tWo CiviLLian TargEts
  • Reminds me of how terrorist deaths look
  • Donald J Trump vs Bush and Clinton clan
  • Hitting that perfect hou yi ricochet
  • Real life Axion bolt: Double Down!
  • When your e bounces just right
  • My Baby(sitter) Shot Me Down
  • Two for the price of one :)
  • The good old Ryze special
  • GRusOme doUBLe fRAtrIcide
  • Two birds with one stone
  • Dad's got standards
  • Ball takes out kid
  • Hit, rebound, hit
  • Double knockdown
  • 1 Shot, 2 Kills
  • 2 for 1 special
  • Dual Casting

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