Adorable Baby Gets Excited About The Family Cat

There is no kind of excitement in the world more pure than that of a baby. When everything is new to you, everything is the most amazing and fascinating thing in the whole wide world. Recently, a mother captured one of these wonderfully happy moments of own newborn daughter that involved her baby meeting the family cat. Since mother Kaitlin Merkley posted the video to YouTube just a few days ago, the world has fallen in love with the infectious laughing excitement of her little one.

The clip shows the precious Merkely baby in crib in an adorable sleep sack poised in anticipation as the mother comes in with the cat. But the real excitement begins when she puts the cat in the crib with the baby. Merkley tells reporters that her cat and baby have grown up together and love each other very much. Looks like the start of a beautiful friendship.

source: youtube
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  • 猫を見せたら興奮して大喜びする赤ちゃん
  • Baby LOVES kitty!

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