After losing a bet, a brother has to dance on a street corner for 30 minutes. Strangers join in

source: youtube

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  • Meagan Pouros Reply

    I bet there is no Mr Robot. He just made the whole thing up.

  • Katelyn Klocko Reply

    Ten minutes till puck drop. no one wants to make a bet again my Panthers???

  • John Mohr Reply

    Idk if his brother was sick for a long time (perhaps souring his attitude), but regardless of his tantrums this week, I feel terrible for nico losing his brother. I hope he is doing ok

  • Millie Boyle Reply

    It would be a very Pitt thing to do, to come off a win against #2 undefeated Clemson and lose to 4-6 Duke. I'd make that bet.

  • Sigmund Tillman Reply

    made a 10k bet with him, upon losing he paid up in a timly manner! would bet with him again!

  • Uriah Zulauf Reply

    I bet he got his robot parts from the mall!

  • Elvera Rogahn Reply

    made a double or nothing bet with him, after losing he paid up immediately!

  • Hermina Harber Reply

    Sorry, didn't have my head straight the whole night after losing a bet.

  • Ayden Greenfelder Reply

    I bet they could make him a green alien now though.

  • Edison Grant Reply

    Any Air Force fans want to make a flair bet?

  • Amani Reilly Reply

    Yes, this song is about the lead singer losing his brother and will always be my go to if I ever decide to get a tattoo for the same reasons as OP

  • Cali Roob Reply

    I bet some kind of robot Jesus could do it.

  • Natasha Bergstrom Reply

    Losing a bet.

  • Cory Stoltenberg Reply

    I would bet on my life and make a TV show out of it

  • Kathlyn Farrell Reply

    Anyone want to make a bet on Cal?

  • Ana Skiles Reply

    Man... This hurts me that I'm losing a limey brother... But fair play! Where are you off on your travels and how long for?!

  • Jeremie Bartell Reply

    Dude, your a fat fuck, losing some fucking weight, i bet your tits are bigger than your mums

  • Willie Prosacco Reply

    if this is a real picture, I bet they're just saying that to make sure Hillary voters don't stay home

  • Estella Dibbert Reply

    I bet she's killer at the robot

  • Julianne Terry Reply

    You can make it in a minute I bet

  • Elyssa Rosenbaum Reply

    Yooo justice! Just wanna thank you for all the work you put into this and posting daily. One bad day will happen from time to time. You've helped me come back from a losing streak I had this month so thank you so much. Bol brother!

  • Ola Yost Reply

    Fair winds brother. This highlights why I hate losing the rates. He didn't die as a Chief. He died as a tech and a teammate.

  • Annamae Cummings Reply

    He's not losing the arm, not a chance in hell. Bet.

  • Matilde Turcotte Reply

    I bet you're a robot.

  • Crystel Rowe Reply

    I had a frat brother like that. He loved to play Halo with everyone, but if he went on a losing streak, somehow the link cable would always get unplugged.

  • Manley Kris Reply

    Tell Tyrion's story about your brother setting up a fake rape so you two could swoop in and save the day resulting in you losing your virginity

  • Linwood Fadel Reply

    Dammit I'm losing my over/under bet on sniffs. Cmon Donny, help a brother out.

  • Furman Cartwright Reply

    You are a fan of bets. MODS! Can we make a bet to change the sub to iPhone theme when we beat Bama?

  • Aileen Runolfsdottir Reply

    That was our first thought. We thought we might statrt with a really stupid bet that 'forces' her to make out with me heavily after she lost (i'm male btw)

  • Orlando Adams Reply

    Is it bad I almost want to make a flair bet with this?

  • Janet Bernhard Reply

    Hard to make a bet with a balance of $0.

  • Casimer Roob Reply

    I bet a majority of us rarely make phone calls to even know if there's an issue.

  • Twila Gislason Reply

    Keep losing so you get you and your shitty brother fired and we never have to hear from you ever again. Your dad couldn't win one as a HC why do you think you can?

  • Iliana O'Keefe Reply

    It's already been done. You want to make a bet on who we lose week 6?

  • Zaria Jaskolski Reply

    id make a bet but i know the 49ers are going 1-15 this year

  • Boris Prosacco Reply

    He is slow figuring out when he's been baited. Or on a losing bet. Trump Mortgages, anyone?

  • Kellie Waelchi Reply

    I bet they use it to make a dough for hope bagels.

  • Vergie Stoltenberg Reply

    The comment by " I bet he would make a great daddy's boy and do what he is told to do."

  • Bianka Huels Reply

    Robot BMW eh? I bet that thing still doesn't use its turn signals.

  • Krystina Mosciski Reply

    losing power in RVA is always a safe bet.

  • Laverna Beatty Reply

    Between May and robot fighting league? I'll take that bet.

  • Jaquelin Durgan Reply

    I'll bet it's that robot guy from Futuroma.

  • Syble Dare Reply

    I also have a brother and could not imagine ever losing him. Sorry for your losses.

  • Nikita Conroy Reply

    Bet he could still make a better game though.

  • Addie Sanford Reply

    I bet we'd make a giant robot to fight em!

  • Rogers Nienow Reply

    "My brother once gave birth to a six-legged horse after losing a bet. This is *far* from the strangest thing I have ever seen. Also at least two of my nephews are monsters."

  • Peyton Walter Reply

    My little brother slammed a door on the top part of my left pinky and I ended up losing part of it. It's ok though because I dropped him on his head a lot as a toddler.

  • Dawson Schiller Reply

    If BB put a make a wish kid at QB i'd still probably bet 100 on them.

  • Gilbert Gorczany Reply

    Who wants to make a Florida bet for when the Vols stomp them this Saturday?

  • Brown Jacobson Reply

    I bet she's a robot!

  • Marjolaine Reynolds Reply

    This is why you never pre-order a DLC from GameStop. Best bet is to buy the pre-order while you still can from the xbox store, make sure you login first!

  • Jeramie Crooks Reply

    Deleted his account due to losing a bet. So... empty

  • Davonte Parker Reply

    But I bet she'll find a way to make him unappy too soon. She's just biding her time until the moment is ripe.

  • Grant Mayert Reply

    I bet they get a robot involved.

  • Josefa Larson Reply

    I want to know what game the Cowboys lost that made her make such a bet in the first place.

  • Rebeka Skiles Reply

    I bet that robot read the wiki

  • Cassie Mann Reply

    "Oh really now?" He smirked. "Want to make a bet?"

  • Christelle Batz Reply

    I bet it's a robot hand.

  • Dell Bergnaum Reply

    Splitting my head open at a kid. And losing my 3 year old brother at a crowded flea market.

  • Maxime Littel Reply

    Stars do make the movie failproof.Even if its shit you bet it'll get a big opening which is enough to recoup a substantial amount of investment.

  • Dolores Denesik Reply

    Where are you? Best bet is to make friends with a local art car.

  • Krystal Keeling Reply

    My Lovely Man - RHCP That's gotta be like losing a brother

  • Zachariah McKenzie Reply

    I'd make a bet against that

  • Grady Franecki Reply

    Losing my brother when he's on deployment. Losing my parents. Being raped by a dolphin. Ya know legitimate fears everyone has.

  • Trey Boyle Reply

    No I'm gonna say that his biggest win was making the Super Bowl and losing a very close game to his own brother.

  • Hardy O'Hara Reply

    Yep looks like a losing bet :(

  • Bud Haag Reply

    Just had to make it known you have a Camaro? Bet you've been waiting for that one.

  • Tobin Von Reply

    Just everywhere i have a warrant out for my arrest i am losing my job found out my parents beat my brother and hid it i was in a pretty bad wreck i mean it is just like everything keeps piling up

  • Sydnee Auer Reply

    Not even losing a brother, but a twin. My girlfriend is a twin, and the bond her and her sister have is unbelievable. RIP

  • Victor Walter Reply

    Did you write this on a bet to see if you could make someone say "The" over and over again?

  • Isaac Bode Reply

    I bet you could use that tool on a pig to make some really thin cut bacon. Might also be a good idea to do it to a dead pig instead of a live one.

  • Nina Shields Reply

    Bet 10 bucks on Nate. But I want Conor to win to make this a trilogy.

  • Chester Purdy Reply

    *Henry chuckles.* "You bet your half robot ass you'll be..."

  • Megane O'Reilly Reply

    Thank you for losing the bet! Hope I don't sound too creeperish, but you have a lovely smile :)

  • Alize Bashirian Reply

    Life's version of losing a flair bet.

  • Ruby Purdy Reply

    wow.. losing a bet coz of bad internet.

  • Lysanne Lubowitz Reply

    Depends, I bet you could make a Discord bot for this. Depending what you mean. Reach back to me.

  • Tommie Baumbach Reply

    Yeah, I made a bet with a coworker that only one NL Central team would make the playoffs.

  • Georgette Reichert Reply

    I bet I could do 100 push-ups, with robot arms.

  • Damon Kulas Reply

    Someone is going to make a movie out of this! I bet there already is.

  • Cordell Yundt Reply

    You're gorgeous and I would love to make a bet with you sometime ;)

  • Hilbert Barrows Reply

    Anyone wanna make a bet on Hurts starting week 1? I'm willing to bet he pulls it off

  • Myrtie Will Reply

    She was rich. I bet she Stepford Wives-ed him with a robot copy.

  • Marguerite Macejkovic Reply

    So if I want to make that much, my best bet would be to go in to a manger position and higher?

  • Estelle Wolff Reply

    I agree, it's a sure bet Uber will be the first robot cab company.

  • Vicky Nienow Reply

    My brother tried to get in there with a fake ID and he lost the ID. Probably not worth trying unless you won't mind losing the ID.

  • Gregory Gislason Reply

    Hey, I bet half the USA would buy into a self-made family trying to Make Arrakis Great Again

  • Ambrose Runolfsdottir Reply

    lets make a bet

  • Curt Wisozk Reply

    For now, sure. However, going back at some point is about as safe of a bet as you can make.

  • Alda Wisozk Reply

    Lol that's happened to me more than once. Then a losing streak ensues... Tough luck brother

  • Keanu Vandervort Reply

    Care to make a bet on it if youre 100%?

  • Pansy Mertz Reply

    Maybe they'll make a fix for it? But yeah, I also wouldn't root my phone in order to remove a notification... But man, I bet that's annoying...

  • Sydnie Reilly Reply

    I bet he could bust out The Robot pretty good.

  • Bertha Christiansen Reply

    Nice. Might have to make a bet

  • Joshuah Schneider Reply

    I remember there was a guy on reddit who ate a bull's penis after losing in a bet...

  • Jimmy Herzog Reply

    Having to become a better person n leave the street life after losing my brother & 5 people.

  • Alec Erdman Reply

    Then we should make a bet on who will win. Want to?

  • Elisha Kautzer Reply

    That's a really good time to make a bet.

  • Garnet Carter Reply

    Yet somehow still has a losing record to the Martian Manning brother, Glib-Glorb Manning.

  • Myron Braun Reply

    Wanna make a bet about it?

  • Cristian Reichel Reply

    I'm already on a diet and am losing weight. My brother weighs 160 pounds and it barely fits him.

  • Isom Wunsch Reply

    I bet on our future robot overlords.

  • General Abernathy Reply

    That part was a joke, but the sibling does seem way to okay with losing a brother

  • Joaquin Douglas Reply

    Sex is kind of subjective but I as a man count just the tip as penetration and thus losing your virginity, congrats brother, I just lost mine last week, and have had sex twice with my gf since then, it's great

  • Kiana Kuhic Reply

    I'm not taking a losing bet.

  • Jessy Bogan Reply

    I now know to never make a bet to eat my shoes

  • Bell Kutch Reply

    Isn't that basically the same as on a natural cut? Shouldn't the test be helping retain muscle, therefor losing more fat is possible? thanks for the reply brother

  • Ole Howell Reply

    I was there when he got the call today. The look on his face said everything. They flew in and toured together. Must be like losing a brother.

  • Rickie Bode Reply

    Putting a bet on the new robot wars, I see.

  • Monte Howe Reply

    Two beers? You AND your dad are BABIES! Throw down a bottle of Jack and then try to make a soufflé. Maybe get it in the soufflé. I bet no one would mind.

  • Deron Moen Reply

    Leslie Jones is a gorilla?!? Brb, I have to make a phone call. Apparently I just won twenty bucks on a bet!

  • Marquise Kovacek Reply

    That's a losing bet sir- I do it every time!

  • Natasha Murazik Reply

    Well he doesn't drink after losing a brother to alcoholism.

  • Gennaro Huel Reply

    I will. Ill do a reaction of my brother losing his shit in the middle of night

  • Raegan Kunde Reply


  • Eliza Howe Reply

    I teared up seeing the tears stream down his brother's face in the crowd. Hard to imagine losing your bro and best friend at such a young age.

  • Amber Kshlerin Reply

    I would bet this is a classic case of limited supply to help make demand look better.

  • Jonathon Hintz Reply

    Huh, so I bet they use 0mm lens for Rami Malek on Mr Robot

  • Kara Upton Reply

    He makes losing a bet look like winning.

  • Benny Rolfson Reply

    I am willing to bet that UFC will match any offer anyone could make. Rory is a valuable Canadian asset

  • Al Sipes Reply

    If I had to bet, Mr. Robot.

  • Reagan Bechtelar Reply

    Yeah I know that, but its a losing battle. Of all the people I know who shoot guns or are around them only my step brother says magazine.

  • Helena Mante Reply

    My brother has a 2009 GT panel from Panny and he is fighting burn in and losing.

  • Jordon O'Connell Reply

    I bet she's a robot.

  • Levi Osinski Reply

    Ezeli just went to portland for 8 mil a year. Bismack is getting 17 a year. Flair bet the Wiz make the playoffs before the Lakers

  • Anya Barrows Reply

    Friend losing his mother to liver failure at age 50 made me slow down quite a bit. Best of luck to your brother in law.