Alabama City Threatens To Ban Mini-Skirts And Short Shorts

Dress codes aren’t exactly a foreign concept in schools and workplaces, and both will default to uniforms as they see fit. When it comes to public places in general, things are a lot more lax — in theory, at least. In practice, there might be plans to bring strict dress codes straight to the city streets — and stylish outfits may not survive.

Dadeville City in Alabama is the epicenter of the struggle. The city council has come together to discuss what should be done — if anything — based on the perceived threat of mini-skirts and short shorts. The primary concerns are twofold. First, the sheer height of girls’ clothing and the exposure that follows is considered unsightly instead of appealing. Second, letting those clothes gain traction in Dadeville City means setting a bad example for what’s acceptable — let alone cool.

Several city council members have already shown support for the ban, which isn’t all that surprising. Merely a month earlier, discussions began on whether or not sagging pants should be banned; incidentally, that happened in another Alabama town as well as Dadeville City. Imposing the same ban on girls’ clothing is just a matter of gender equality — albeit one that may someday end in jail time.

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