Amazon Error Results In Pornographic Books Showing Up For Children

A mistake in the way that some items were categorized on the online retailer Amazon meant that young children were shown porn content rather than teenage novels and books. A mother brought the error to light after seeing how her 12-year-old daughter was given results for pornographic Kindle eBooks after searching for “free Kindle books for teenagers” to download for her new device.

I’m trying to protect my teenager in every way possible,” said the angry mother. “I’m doing all the things that I ought to do and a company like Amazon is not only allowing her to access it but is actually offering it to her when she’s not even looking for it.

She went public with the story after she had contacted Trading Standards and Amazon, finding that both were unhelpful. According to her, she tried to speak to representatives from the retailer several times but eventually only managed to speak to a customer service staff member who didn’t have any idea what to do about the situation.

Amazon have since released a statement after the story was covered by news outlets, saying: “These titles were temporarily miscategorized by our systems and should not have appeared under these search terms. We’re fixing the error and have contacted the customer to apologize.

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