An Insane Party Trick For Skinning A Watermelon Whole

Most people either buy watermelon pre-cut or they cut it into slices when they purchase an entire watermelon from the store. However, Mark Rober has become famous online for creating unique tricks and optical illusions that people absolutely love.

In his most recent video, Rober setup a new trick in front of his nieces and nephews and absolutely blew their mind with it. The trick was simple: Rober skinned an entire watermelon by simply pulling the rind off of the melon. The trick is actually quite simple once you get a look at how he did it.

If we had the money to waste on a simple party trick, then we’d probably give this one a try as soon as possible. However, we have some better things to do. Instead, everyone can simply check out the video.

source: youtube
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