*angrily gets life together*

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sorry forgot sauce https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Kmh4BbJPz8
  • "Ich bin flexibel, belastbar, kreativ, innovativ, begeisterungsfähig, teamfähig und.. äh.. kreativ! Wenn ich aufhöre zu trinken ... sagt die Neue Initiative für mehr Marktwirtschaft!"
  • I'm getting let go from my job soon and trying to not spiral down into depression and permanent unemployment
  • When you remember that every day is made of the little choices that add up to big change
  • Idk what this is but it's short and silly and I seriously love it
  • This Thai PSA has an actor that looks strangely like Mark Lee
  • This is what social democrats actually believe
  • How to Get Your Life on Track: The Thai Way
  • Improving his country, one step at a time
  • Something liberals need to learn from
  • *angrily gets life together*
  • The solution is simple
  • If only

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