Anna Kendrick And James Corden Do A Live A Cappella Riff-Off

If you enjoy watching riff-offs best when seeing singing movies such as Pitch Perfect, Anna Kendrick and James Corden have a special treat for you. The actress appeared on the Late Late Show with James Corden and instead of doing a regular interview, the star challenged James to an a cappella sing-off. The 29-year-old star wore a track jacket bearing her name and challenged Corden to a riff-off after entering the set saying: “I heard you’ve been telling people that you’re the best a capella singer in town. I think this audience wants to see me kick your a*s.”

Both Kendrick and Corden were amazing in their respective renditions of Ludacris, NSYNC and more with the backup help of The Filharmonic. The sing-off ended with Corden and Kendrick deciding to band together to sing a medley of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” and Katrina & The Waves’s “Walking on Sunshine.” And even though James Corden is a Tony Award-winning Broadway actor, Kendrick proved she is still the a capella queen.

source: youtube
  • Anna Kendrick challenges James Corden to a "riff off" (ft. The Filharmonic)
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  • Anna Kendrick Challenges James Corden to a Late Late Show Riff-Off
  • Pitch Perfect Riff-Off with Anna Kendrick & The Filharmonic
  • Seriously? Kinda awesome

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  • Jasen Metz Reply

    Corden is suprisingly good