Archaeologists Discover Lost City In Jungles Of Honduras

A team of Honduran and American archaeologists were looking for the “White City“, also called “City of the Monkey God” in the jungles of Honduras. During the course of their search, they discovered a long-lost city that they believe belonged to an unidentified ancient civilization, according to the Huffington Post. The city was home to an unknown civilization who lived many years ago, but disappeared without trace. The expedition was coordinated by National Geographic, Honduras and film-makers Steve Elkins and Bill Benenson.

National Geographic sent a photographer and writer to accompany the expedition. The magazine disclosed that the expedition to Honduras was launched when lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) scanner detected man-made structures below the rainforest.

Researchers surveyed and mapped earthworms, mounds, an earthen pyramid and extensive plazas. Additionally, they found an amazing cache of stone sculptures. Writer Douglas Preston said that scientists no longer believe that there is just a single “White City” in Mosquitia. Instead, the team believes that Mosquitia may be home to many lost cities.

Christopher Fisher, the lead archaeologist, said that it was likely that European diseases had contributed to civilization’s disappearance. Scientists documented their findings, but left their finds unexcavated. They are also keeping the exact location under wraps in order to prevent looting.

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