Architect Turns A Disgusting Basement Into A Lego Fantasyland

When architect Jeffrey Pelletier bought his Seattle house, its basement was a mess. Now, after the renovation, the basement turned to a haven for the kids and kids at heart. What used to be covered with cobwebs is now filled with bins and drawers of Lego pieces.

Like many other kids, Lego has been a huge part of Pelletier’s childhood. “It’s probably one of the reasons why I’m an architect today,” said Pelletier who now owns about 250,000 Lego pieces including special pieces like gears, heads, and food. His collection is neatly stored in more than a hundred drawers lining up the walls, while his Lego creations, including a Lego model of the house, are on display. Aside from the basement, his Lego creations are also a feast for the eyes. They are full of details — it’s almost unbelievable that they’re made of Lego bricks. Take a tour of his basement and be amazed.

source: youtube
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