Australian Man Attacked By Catfish He Caught

A man who was fishing off the coast near a beach in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, has been left with serious injuries after he was attacked by a catfish he was reeling in. According to reports, the man had caught the large catfish and was about to bring it into his boat when it flew up into the air and viciously struck his unprotected face.

The catfish attack left the 45-year-old man bleeding profusely and suffering from the effects of poison that had been injected into his head. A passerby noticed his injuries and phoned police who arrived soon after to treat him. “The impact caused the venomous back spine of the fish to lodge into the side of his head,” Duty Superintendent Louise Jorgensen said in a statement.

However, his friend appeared to be uninterested in the injuries as he simply carried on fishing and managed to capture the catfish and bring it on board. “He writhed in pain and bled profusely while his friend calmly took possession of the prize catch,” said Jorgensen.

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