Baby Born With Only One Eye Lives Just A Few Days

A baby who was born with just a single eye in the center of his forehead in Egypt is not expected to survive longer than a couple of days, according to the local doctors.

The boy, suffering from cyclopia, a condition that was named after the one-eyed giants of Greek mythology, was born with the misshapen face. This is said to have been caused from irregular radiation exposure within the womb. Doctors believe the deformity could have happened due to the variety of medicines the mother had been taking at the time, but most likely comes from nothing more than radiation, sadly.

Cyclopia is one of the rarest birth defects to happen, and most children who are born with it only live a couple of days before they succumb. Most are born with other issues, besides the eye, including a malformed heart, unfortunately.

The single eye and missing nose are the result of the eye sockets not forming correctly within the womb. This disfigurement is said to be more common within animals than in humans, though. The family is currently receiving counseling to deal with the upcoming death of their child.

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