Baby Gollum

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  • MRW I post about not liking anal and got way more than I bargained for between people telling me I don't know what I'm missing and now knowing way too much about strangers butt sex love
  • MRW a witch turns me into a frog and after I tell her I was polishing my floor she reverts me back to a human, but there was a glitch and now I'm a toddler
  • When someone breaks into my house to murder me, but then stops and says they really, really like Nickelback
  • MRW I am PM of Iceland and huge protests call for my resignation but I realize the protests are legitimate
  • MRW I'm Spiderman's son and I'm told he is dead but then I remember that I forgot to turn off the oven
  • MRW Those filthy hobbits stole our precious but we can guide them to a giant spider and get it back
  • MRW I kiss the Frog Princess and the transformation that follows is not what I had in mind
  • MRW I've been practicing my Gollum impression and I finally hit the perfect tone of voice
  • MRW when I prepare for a spicy dump after thai food and it comes out in one easy push
  • MRW I'm at work - tired, hungry and cranky and a colleague surprises me with chipotle
  • When I'm 100% sure I'm dead in a teamfight but magically make it out alive with 10hp
  • MRW someone ate the last animal cracker, but i remember i have a box hidden
  • When you're on your own, then realise you're not the only one screeching
  • MRW I'm pooping and it finally passes through my hemorrhoidal butthole
  • My sons reaction when we legally change his name to Gollum
  • Trump protesters when you ask them why they're protesting
  • MRW I take a huge dump and I only hear a tiny splash
  • MFW I turn on the bathroom light at 3 am
  • I don't understand why this is funny
  • Evil genius in the making
  • Gollum, the early years
  • *Pterodactyl screeches*
  • I found a feral child
  • Screaming Child
  • It just works
  • This is Ryan
  • Kinda creepy
  • Baby Gollum
  • me irl
  • Shhh!
  • O_o

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  • Nicola Hodkiewicz Reply

    I know that face....he pooped