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  • When we get glorious [OC] and worst gunnit comes to murder the joke, there's only team to call
  • You're an unpeeled banana, but a damn good cop!
  • LOL bananas are sooooo random!
  • Brutal Life of Banana PD
  • Banana Police
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  • Clay Smitham Reply

    You are caricaturing. Who attacked first? Not Napoleon, no no. European monarchies attacked and attacked France so many times to defeat the revolution it is not even funny.

  • Asha Spencer Reply

    Funny with Napoleon penguin since Beethoven scratched out his name out of his 3rd symphony after Napoleon declared himself emperor.

  • Anika Lindgren Reply

    Napoleon Dynamite. Even when I was younger, I never found it funny. Now that I'm older, and understand the jokes, I still don't find it funny.

  • Murray Yost Reply

    Nothing wrong with that, it's pretty funny! Also probably the only other movie with the actor for Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite in it.

  • Leta Kerluke Reply

    Napoleon Dynamite. I thought it was a sad movie about loneliness and isolation. I didn't find it funny in the slightest.

  • Providenci Hilll Reply

    Napoleon Dynamite. It's not funny at all, just really irritating.

  • Anabelle Mohr Reply

    Funny thing is that Napoleon was tall for his time, at 5' 7".

  • Terrill Breitenberg Reply

    Goodness. I hated napoleon dynamite. I tried, I really did. It was just so boring. And it just wasn't funny. It's like it was trying way to hard.

  • Kaelyn Adams Reply

    Napoleon Dynamite. I've seen that movie ten times over and it's funny every time. Also, PeeWee's Big Adventure deserves a mention.

  • Henriette Corwin Reply

    I'm perceived as Socially Awkward so I don't know maybe the reason I found the movie funny was because I can somewhat relate to Napoleon.

  • Milton Sawayn Reply

    Yup. He was also "Uncle Rico" in Napoleon Dynamite. Its pretty funny though and obviously an effective campaign.

  • Coby Huel Reply

    I have to disagree with this. Napoleon Dynamite only gets better with more views. It's so funny.

  • Abbie Murray Reply

    Now He's back to kick some potASSium. Coming this summer: Peel Out Starring: Bruce Bananer

  • Arturo Rohan Reply

    Dude I blew like 30 bucks getting the damn Napoleon Vamana skin. I feel like a dumbass for it, bit he looks so damn funny that I couldn't pass it up.

  • Leonor Oberbrunner Reply

    It's sort of funny, the average american knows two things about France. 1.) They're surrendering cowards!! 2.) Napoleon....

  • Merritt Spencer Reply

    Which is pretty funny, given that he has as much chance of playing a meaningful part in Brexit negotiations as Napoleon does.

  • Jamar Kautzer Reply

    I started watching it today. It's actually really funny The humour is alot like a Hot Rod/Napoleon Dynamite sort of deal.

  • Sanford O'Kon Reply

    I remember Napoleon Dynamite and I remember who thought it was funny 13-18 year olds. that's also her audience.

  • Miguel Hahn Reply

    The only thing is Napoleon Dynamite is funny, she's not.

  • Melissa Hirthe Reply

    Napoleon was not any of that except from maybe self-victimizing. Idea of a easily baited Napoleon is quite funny.

  • Kennith Hagenes Reply

    It had to be funny for Napoleon when he said, "Why should i care for 6 million soldiers?".

  • Conrad Kuphal Reply

    Napoleon Dynamite. All the jokes were so overused by my friends so by the time I actually saw it none of them were funny

  • Koby McKenzie Reply

    I think Napoleon Dynamite is very dull and not even really funny, but my whole family loved it and played it a lot.

  • Madelynn Heidenreich Reply

    Napoleon Dynamite. I don't get what's so funny about it, I just cringe through the whole thing.

  • Chaz Adams Reply

    Napoleon Dynamite was funny

  • Vance Renner Reply

    The US anthem mentions bombs? [](#And I thought it was funny how the polish one mentions Napoleon)

  • Deshaun O'Connell Reply

    Its a movie but napoleon dynamite. I waited for the funny, it never came.

  • Adella Johns Reply

    1. Play any Mediterranean state 2. Eye up all the clay needed to restore glory of Rome 3. Look at the papal states funny 4. Excommunicated... Whatever drive on. 5. Take one HRE province 6. '*x* has joined a coalition against you' * 20 7. Alt + F4 8. Boot up Napoleon Total War and exact my revenge on the Germanic States.

  • Macie Denesik Reply

    "I am a monarch of God's creation, and you reptiles of the earth dare not oppose me. I render an account of my government to none save God and Jesus Christ." - Napoleon addressing members of the Catholic clergy Has nothing to do with anything, but "reptiles of the earth" is a funny insult.

  • Marlon Strosin Reply

    A tyrant really, who was terrible at ruling. Although, he playing a role in the rise of Napoleon is a cool thing. I do also find it funny how he didn't die when he shot himself.

  • Adolf Koepp Reply

    You goddamned cornholed stick sucking butt weenie. Was funny as a kid, seems like a shitty homophobic rant now. Second favorite was a stupid Napoleon Dynamite type thing my sister liked to yell: Your mom drives a PT Cruiser.

  • Cathy Terry Reply

    Funny, I never pictured Napoleon as a blond. Amazing how movies can alter your perspective on history!

  • Braulio Schaefer Reply

    napoleon dynamite It took me watching it 3 times (twice drunk) to realize it was funny

  • Loraine Crooks Reply

    Napoleon dynamite... I'm sorry but I never thought it was remotely funny

  • Araceli Considine Reply

    Napoleon dynamite. Didnt make it to the end, I don't think I even watch half of it. Still have no idea what it was about, someone said it's a comedy, but it's not funny.

  • Willa Reynolds Reply

    When was the last time your watched Napoleon Dynamite? Younger me thought almost every line was laugh out loud funny. I would quote it almost daily. I saw it again last week and I only audibly laughed a couple of times, at some of the subtleties. I liked the movie a lot. I thought it was very sweet and charming, but also familiarly melancholic

  • Robbie Hahn Reply

    It's funny because the Bernie campaign followers (myself included) used this dumb logic to assume imminent victories, only to lose by landslides. As Napoleon once said, never interrupt your enemy while they're making a mistake.

  • Mortimer Waters Reply

    While this is funny, the actual reason is that Napoleon fell and the war ended, so it didn't really matter that they didn't sign a treaty.

  • Ona Ferry Reply

    That's funny how Napoleon the first is always portrayed as being small while he was of average height for his era.

  • Madelyn Effertz Reply

    Problem is, I'm British, and there's a serious issue in British Academia in terms of how much Napoleonic War propaganda is still adhered to. It's funny how much we rag on Americans for acting high and mighty about WW2, when we British act the same about Napoleon, when really Prussia, Russia and Austria deserve most of the credit.

  • Nicolas Rutherford Reply

    "For me, good comedy movies get ruined the moment that everyone starts quoting the shit out of them. Napoleon Dynamite for instance. To me it was a funny movie but then that excitement got squashed when I had to hear everyone do their fucking impressions." Perhaps that's why "Anchorman" hasn't aged well for me.

  • Roselyn Maggio Reply

    They destroyed the royalty of Europe? Funny, because there's still a queen on my stamps. They had a lot of goals, they certainly weren't united, if you look at the confusion and chaos after the revolution. Napoleon's goal was certainly to follow Europe, and most of the French supported him in that goal.

  • Daphne Stanton Reply

    Nope. It's like unfunny people not knowing they aren't funny. Napoleon haters out themselves. It's not a big deal. Embrace it. It's science.

  • Lupe Hoeger Reply

    thats what makes it so funny :) I can imagine napoleon dynamite saying it even though its not a portrait.

  • Lou Swift Reply Really, let's see. 1. The good, the bad and the ugly - the acting, picture and story, everything is good in this flick 2. K-Pax, I like Alien shit 3. Napoleon Dynamite, pointless but funny Can't think of many, don't like most new movies anyway.

  • Rachelle Simonis Reply

    It's like the predecessor to Napoleon Dynamite. It's a gimmicky movie without a real plot where your enjoyment of it coincides with how drunk, high, whatever you are. It's your typical "stupid funny" movie, and if you don't go into it knowing that, you're not going to like it.

  • Antone Green Reply

    Funny to think that alot of French people probably look back and wish Napoleon had succeeded, and yet they live together side by side with Germans and Brits

  • Althea Marquardt Reply

    > Funny to think that alot of French people probably look back and wish Napoleon had succeeded Guilty. Good argument tho

  • Patsy Lueilwitz Reply

    A 1980's film, Real Genius. A really funny film with tons of nerdy humor and Val Kilmer is great in it. Plus the actor who played Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite has shoulder length hair and lives in the closet of the dorm. Trust me, watch it ASAP, it is a moral imperative.

  • Antonietta Weber Reply

    Napoleon Dynamite is not now, nor has it ever been funny and I fucking hated when people found out I didn't like it and proceeded to try to explain WHY it was funny to me...just fuck off

  • Brock Marvin Reply

    Oh god no, William Dietrich is one of the worst authors ever. Napoleon's Pyramids is so full of anachronisms it's not even funny.

  • Alexie Kuhn Reply

    Napoleon Dynamite. It just isn't funny. None of the lines people quote are funny.

  • Abner Koss Reply

    What's funny is that P. actually captured the image of Napoleon's old Sun Court, and then the Voices gave it the most terribly juvenile nickname they could think of. Funny in a *sort of* tragic way, but unfortunately par for the course with the Voices.

  • Trever Thompson Reply

    This is a funny joke but that decision was made under Napoleon for his army iirc.

  • Carmelo Conroy Reply

    For me, it's Superbad. Mayne because I wasn't a teen anymore by the time it came out, I dunno. But it annoyed the crap out of me the same way Napoleon Dynamite did. And now I'm like the only person I know that doesn't pile praise on Jonah Hill. He's just not funny to me.

  • Alexandro Johnston Reply

    The funny thing is that Napoleon actually got into Moscow and expected that the Tsar and his armies would surrender. Also just like with the germans they had many troubles with their supply lines which also was a big factor for the failed invasion.

  • Pierce Lowe Reply

    Which painting on that page? The poses don't match. Somewhat off topic, a funny factoid I heard about Wellesley: he made a point of tracking down every one of Napoleon's mistresses and bedding them. History gossip.

  • Gregory McKenzie Reply

    Its okay to just not like a movie. I don't really like Juno at all. That doesn't mean it's broken, I just don't like Juno. Also napoleon dynamite is bad. It's not funny. There are no jokes. What is wrong with you people. Mel Brooks died for this shit.

  • Pat Yost Reply

    Funny how different countries view Napoleon very differently

  • Cortney Heller Reply

    Watching Napoleon Dynamite with my parents when I was 13, me laughing my ass off, the two of them stonefaced the entire way through. My mom is terrible to watch movies she with, she doesn't laugh at things even when she thinks it was funny.

  • Salvador Bartoletti Reply

    Napoleon Dynamite. Everyone in my high school loved that movie because they thought it made them cool to do so. The only thing funny about that movie was Napoleon's little dance scene. Besides that I completely hated it.

  • Tyrel Wilkinson Reply

    If you find this funny you might like to watch a movie called Gentlemen Broncos. I think it was made but the same people that did Napoleon Dynamite. It's got Sam Rockwell too, which is always a plus.

  • Austyn Sporer Reply

    That's funny, because I'm French and despise Napoleon and what he did. I also don't know any one close to me who do not strongly dislike Napoleon.

  • Bennett Zulauf Reply

    I liked it but then again I think their creators are quite funny (even if not very original- I liked Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre and enjoyed Gentleman Broncos- The last one about the bible hunters kind of stunk imho

  • Coby Braun Reply

    I remember Napoleon Dynamite's commentary being really funny. One of them was telling that the time machine ordered off the internet was based on one his brother bought except his brother's didn't look as good.

  • Chase Nienow Reply

    Because Napoleon Dynamite ruined what mellinials find funny.

  • Toney Purdy Reply

    Lol, now that's funny! Feel free to post your 214 anytime, Mr. Bravo Foxtrot Shall we call you Rambo or Napoleon? Do you have bostaff skills, nunchuck skills, computer hacking skills? Lol

  • Furman Schoen Reply

    There was a lot in Napoleon Dynamite for people who appreciate surrealism, but you have to be into that. There was definitely a lot of lowbrow humor as well, but that wasn't what made it funny to me.

  • Aditya Hodkiewicz Reply

    Napoleon dynamite, I know it's supposed to be funny in an awkward kind of way, and I think I understand the humor, it just didn't do it for me at all

  • Merritt Konopelski Reply

    Funny that you mention Napoleon. He actually dealt with a lot of discrimination being Corsican in France in his early days.

  • Cloyd Abernathy Reply

    The best defense is a good offense. Funny how Napoleon was known for this, but the french people were the first to forget it in WW2.

  • Loma Hirthe Reply

    Napoleon Dynamite. It just wasn't that funny. A few quotable lines, no doubt. Sidesplittingly hilarious? No.

  • Edd Cormier Reply

    I feel like that's the joke. Napoleon Dynamite is funny because it's not funny. It's like an anti-joke, if you will.

  • Rory Conroy Reply

    I've heard a lot of people say they don't find Napoleon Dynamite funny. Those people are lame.

  • Gayle Metz Reply

    Napoleon Dynamite used to love it for the funny catchphrases and goofy characters, now appreciate it for the crushing comedy of hopeless lives of people in small towns.

  • Reed Hand Reply

    I think this is one of those films like Napoleon Dynamite that don't seem funny on the surface, but get better the more times you watch them and pick up on everything.

  • Agustin Raynor Reply

    I haven't enjoyed a live-action comedy film in more than a decade. I think Napoleon Dynamite and Bruce Almighty were the last ones I really thought were funny.

  • Emmie Baumbach Reply

    I absolutely love Stanhope but I detest Joe Rogan. He's just not funny. He's Henry Rollins with a Napoleon complex.

  • Zechariah Rogahn Reply

    I haven't seen Napoleon Dynamite, but Bruce Almighty was funny as heck.

  • Joana Jacobs Reply

    LOL this is pretty fucken funny. its like star wars 4 coming out and the actors are like the cast of napoleon dynamite. lmfao like they really waited to add those names hahahah

  • Abel Kuhlman Reply

    Napoleon dynamite had some good quotes and step brothers/anchorman/talladega nights all had funny one liners.

  • Evan Kunde Reply

    > short man syndrome which is funny because it was UK propaganda :p Napoleon was of average height for the time.

  • Mekhi Wolf Reply

    Napoleon Dynamite, Rat Race, the National Lampoon vacation movies, Anchorman and Anchorman 2, Blades of Glory, and Stepbrothers. All stupid, all funny.

  • Kaya Mayert Reply

    Napoleon Dynamite. I had never seen anything like it before and it opened my eyes to how funny good comedy can actually be. It changed the way I look at humor forever.

  • Gina Runolfsdottir Reply

    Napoleon Dynamite It starts to become really funny on the 2nd or 3rd viewing.

  • Eveline Howell Reply

    When that movie came out in high school it sound like it was amazing. The cops are funny but that's a few hours my life I lost. Better than Napoleon Dynamite though

  • Vena Crona Reply

    Every time I try to talk someone into watching this movie, I describe it the same way: It's like Napoleon Dynamite, but with more action... and funny.

  • Angie Von Reply

    Just the other day I thought. "What's the guy that plays Kip from Napoleon Dynamite up to these days?" Funny how sometimes the answers find you.

  • Gage Jaskolski Reply

    Is that how you think of your own gender identity, when you ask people to respect your wishes, ''letting a trans napoleon wear a funny hat''?

  • Fleta Leffler Reply

    Napoleon Dynamite. It was unique enough that it's memorable and it's good at setting a tone but I just didn't find it all that funny.

  • Karli Wolf Reply

    Its not dumb funny like Napoleon though. I found it just look, poop and pee dumb. Napoleon dynamite had some good writing at least

  • Chanelle Mante Reply

    That era did bring us napoleon dynamite though; when people finally realized indie movies could be funny too.

  • Marcelina Carter Reply

    I'm not sure if it was supposed to be funny or supposed to ironically suck like Napoleon dynamite.

  • Derrick Batz Reply

    Haha original joke very funny Napoleon would be proud

  • Whitney Beier Reply

    Funny, I find him occasionally slightly biased in favor of Napoleon. But a great book to read indeed.

  • Leopold Armstrong Reply

    Gentlemen Broncos - it has a kind of Napoleon Dynamite feel to it but very different and very funny.

  • Novella Mills Reply

    Napoleon dynamite just didn't do it for me. Yeah, it's quotable, but it just wasn't that funny.

  • Yolanda Lang Reply

    TMNT? Ghostbusters? Napoleon Dynamite? Bill and Ted? Deadpool? All meant to be funny

  • Robert Rogahn Reply

    That's funny, I put French Vanilla and German chocolate and named it Napoleon's Dream.

  • Marlen D'Amore Reply

    Napoleon Total War was my favourite! Not as many funny voices though.

  • Lloyd Homenick Reply

    Napoleon Dynamite was DEFINITELY not worthy nor was he that funny!

  • Reymundo Keeling Reply

    Napoleon Dynamite. It's honestly not funny in the slightest.

  • Hillard Konopelski Reply

    Napoleon dynamite. It's just not fucking funny.

  • Rogers MacGyver Reply

    Napoleon dynamite, it was boring, not funny.

  • Maria Stehr Reply

    Napoleon Dynamite...not funny at all.