Beagle puppy + subway grate

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  • MRW I am a dog and I discover I have very strong ear muscles
  • Beagle pulling a Marilyn Monroe
  • Happy Birthday, Mr. President
  • Beagle puppy + subway grate
  • マリリン・モンローみたいな犬
  • Those ears!
  • Woof irl

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  • Jabari Yost Reply

    The Subway grate on 13th and Market is pretty great.

  • Alan Swift Reply

    There used to be a shaft visible on Park through a subway grate. I am not afraid of heights and it used to make me feel very uncomfortable to look down. Very, very deep.

  • Chase Ferry Reply

    "Shimmering like a penny out of reach in the subway grate"

  • Carter Walker Reply

    Hostile takeover and do one of two things 1. I ride the subway while people give chase above ground. 2. Climb the construction crane In the middle of the construction site south of maze bank tower and hide halfway up the crane. (It's too steep to get an angle for a shot and your covered by a grate above that is a static object. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your intentions) the lobby or people in the vicinity of the case suffer as well. Non stop four star wanted levels for 30 minutes until the mission is over. This is the only mission that I know that you will keep spawning with a wanted level and in the vicinity of the case (if your hiding on the crane they always spawn around the construction site where cops stack up and it's non stop carnage.) Anyone that tries to climb the crane gets 5 options of dying. 1. Cops 2. Gravity 3. Tear gas that I'm throwing down 4. Assault shotgun to to the face 5. The cops again (I'll wait on the lAdder so they can't climb up while the cops shoot straight up (if they're aiming at me or him I win either way) If they try to get smart and come in from the top 1. Proxy mine on the ladder when they slide down. (No one ever goes down slow to be safe) 2. Tear gas as I descend the crane. 3.or the police helicopters flying above If they try to do Passive. I'll get the cops to climb up and take shots at me with the passive in the way. If I accidentally die passive people can't pick the case up anyways and when they do pick it up they can't go down because the cops are stacked and police helicopters are hovering above as they instantly get a four star wanted level plus they still have to deal with proximity mines that they might miss. If I lose control I spawn a buzzard and fly back up rinse and repeat. The only time I do this is when I have thin out over Agro players that will destroy supply/product runs. Hydra abusers (if they keep flying around to kill me, they will eventually catch a building a helicopter or someone will shoot them down and then they will become the new target for the aggravated players below) Dick move I know. Sometimes my friends whether or not we're working together will say "fuck here we go again..." This halts any mc contract from being started and is a hassle if you don't have an armored car ready. If people have not left and tried going for the case, they make new enemies besides me, while my friends understand the grand scheme to what I've done they often don't move as fast as I do when it comes to scrambling before the cops close in. After it is finished I activate ghost organization and ride off into the sunset. I've done this multiple times and every time I only get a couple friends that know the drill lol Even though the round ends they still have one last wanted level to deal with. If I'm still in the mood of messing around I start most wanted challenge in a kuruma and lurk around (given that I got people on my team) but I give up my cut when doing CEO work anyways so it's still worth their time to put up with shenanigans TL;dr I do the equivalent of swatting in GTA

  • Stanford Green Reply

    *Ice cream*, I thought to myself, *dragons hate ice cream.* The sidewalk was slick with rain as I hurried through the darkened downtown district. *Chocolate chip*. *Vanilla.* I turned the corner and snuck a look behind me. I caught a glimpse of serpentine movement crossing the street a block away. Shit. *Rocky road.* I can't go home, it'll find out where I live. Crap. *Uh, Pistachio, Chunky Monkey, the subway is three blocks ahead, I mean Mint Chocolate Chip.* My shoulders ached from the weight of my backpack. I cursed myself for signing up for late night lectures. *Green tea. Red bean.* Especially lectures that require textbooks during class. *Tahini.* Claws scraped across the concrete behind me. Oh god, it's—Dulce de Leche—getting close. I quickened my step. *Chocolate Therapy.* I turn another corner and try to catch another glimpse behind me. *Rum raisin! Moose Tracks!* I don't see the metal grate in the corner of the sidewalk. *Baklava!* Wait, have I actually *had* baklava ice cream before? Is that even possible? My heel slipped on the wet metal and lodged tight, twisting my ankle. I cried out and crumpled to the ground. *Oh no, it's right behind—* Movement blurred across my field of vision. I gasped. The dragon stood over me, its claws and arms held inches from my head. "Excuse me," rumbled the dragon. "So sorry to startle you." It reached down and offered his claw. I tentatively wrapped my hand around a single talon. It pulled me up, ever-so-gently. *Caramel... swirl?* I stared into the dragon's golden eyes. *Ice... cream?* It chuckled and held up a small backpack. I watched, wide-eyed, as the dragon reached into the pack and pulled out a scuffed copy of *Metallurgical Conversions and You: A Student's Deskbook*. "Thats, that's mine," I said. "Yes." I took the book from the dragon's claw. The dragon waited. "I, uh..." The dragon leaned forward. "The words you are looking for," it whispered, "are 'thank you.' " "Yes! Thank you! Of course!" I blushed. "So sorry, I didn't realize—" "It's fine," said the dragon. It rose to full height and expanded its wings. "We're in the same class." "Oh? I've never noticed." It snorted. "You didn't notice a dragon in your college class." I grimaced. "Sorry." ""I'm just fuckin' with you." The dragon grinned, exposing its long, sharp teeth. "I sit in the back." I gaped as the dragon stepped into the street and flapped his wings. It laughed. "By the way, you shouldn't push those racial stereotypes." "W-what do you mean?" I asked. The dragon thrust upward into the air with strong gusts from his wings. He circled over head and yelled down: "We love ice cream!"

  • Kaylin Davis Reply

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  • Vinnie Greenfelder Reply

    I agree, but ti be fair...if they fall in a crowd, on the subway, down a grate...

  • Mollie Ratke Reply

    Strollers and wheelchairs need to be in the front of the march because they need to see the road ahead of them for any obstacles! It's hard to see a curb or subway grate when thousands of people are marching in front of you. It seems to me that you're drawing comparisons between the front of a protest and the front lines of a battlefield. That is not how these mothers, nor the majority of the crowd are envisioning their direct action. People came here to be peaceful and protest peacefully! We peacefully resisted law and order with the cops time and time again on our march through downtown. It wasn't until masked people came to the front, broke the law and antagonized the police who are clearly only there to protect capital. You're not being a fucking revolutionary by poking a stick at a pig and getting the response you know you're going to get. We know they're not here to protect us! We know they will attack if they are provoked! Nothing good comes from an attack on police without any sort of strategy. If you really want to make a difference as an anarchist you must thwart the police in a much more sophisticated and coordinated ways, because believe it or not, they have tried and true protocols and procedures that will shut your ass down every single time. We know it's fucked, it's David and Goliath out here. But you just look dumb throwing rocks at the police <3

  • Lorenz Hickle Reply

    I lay dying on the ground, on top of the filthy subway grate. The cold bit at my fingers, through the tatty gloves and at my toes, through the worn shoes that were not made for winter. It felt like a thousand needles in each finger and toe. This was how I died, alone, ignored by the passers-by and cold. Someone stopped. He wore a long dark cloak and carried a walking stick... no... it was a scythe and the long dark cloak was topped with a hood which covered a face that I couldn't see. A face that looked at me, but was darkness. It was Death, and he had come for me. The cloaked figure sat on the concrete next to me, not so much moving as shifting into a sitting position. He placed his scythe across his lap. "What purpose does suffering serve?" he asked. "If you can tell me, I will renew your life." "Suffering? It doesn't serve any purpose. It just is." "Does it not make you stronger, as fire and hammers strengthen steel?" I tried to laugh. "If I had a fire, I wouldn't be freezing to death, and if I had a hammer, I'd be working and not living here on this shitty street." "Does it not teach you the difference between monsters and men, or the value of companions on the battlefield?" "Monsters... men," I spat. "Look around you. What do you see?" The hooded figure looked. "I see men and women going about their business." "That's right. And not one of them has stopped to offer me help. Not a single dime, or a cup of coffee or a simple ham sandwich. They keep going, minding their own business, ignoring the suffering of their fellow man. Did you know some of them kick me, spit on me, mock me?" There was only silence from the hooded figure. The silence of the grave. "There is no difference," I said. "The monsters ARE the men, and they don't truly care about companions. There's no battlefield any more because the monsters have won." Death sat for a long moment, then turned slightly. "Empathy," he said in his voice-that-wasn't-a-voice, colder than the February air that was killing me. Now it was my turn to stare at him, not understanding. "If your suffering and death teaches others to be kind to others like you, to lift them from their suffering and push them to a better life, do you not think it worthy?" "Yes," I said, nodding. I was tired... so very tired... "Will you stay and help your kin?" "No. I've had enough of this shit life." Death shifted and stood, his scythe in one hand, the other outstretched to me. I took his hand and walked side-by-side through the veil... friends.

  • Kian Johns Reply

    Had a guy who was completely wasted try to fight our EMT's, so we went by to help out and ended up cuffing the guy so that he could be examined. My partner and I stepped off the bus for a minute to exchange notes when suddenly, the back doors to the ambulance popped open and the dude did a perfect swan dive out the back of the ambulance, lands on his feet, and takes off running down the street (hands still cuffed behind his back mind you). So my partner takes off running after him and I quickly secured our bikes to a street post and ran after them. In hindsight, I should have locked his bike up and rode my own bicycle to chase the dude down, but I wasn't thinking straight. There was also some pretty heavy traffic at the time and the dude was running full speed down the double yellows. It was raining hard as shit, so footing was dicey and it was in a sort of unfamiliar part of town, so I had no idea of where we were running to. Anyways, after 3-4 blocks we get to a subway stop. There are steel grates on the sidewalk where the crews service the tunnels and the rain made them slick. Dude runs over the grate and both feet come out from under him and he slams on his back. At the same time, my partner was right on his heels and couldn't stop in time and ended up falling over the dude, ass up in the air on his back over the guy flailing like a fish out of water. Dude managed somehow to get one hand out of the cuffs and started to fight. I somehow managed to hurdle my partner and planted the guy on his belly, cuffing him up before he could swing those cuffs around as a weapon. I was sitting there catching my breath for a minute when I looked over at some Transit guys next to a police wagon who looked like they were ready to jump in to it. The older guy says "You guys good?" and I just nodded because I was out of breath. He takes an extra long drag of his cigarette and says "Good, cause I'm out of breath just watching you guys."

  • Letitia Rippin Reply

    -I was most afraid of balloons popping. I strongly thought that if one popped near you it was very likely that you could inhale a balloon shard and the piece would get stuck in your throat and you would suffocate to death because when you would try to breathe the elasticity of it would just make it bulge up and down and your airway would be cut off for good. I still instinctively hold my breath when I hear a balloon pop. -I was afraid of being in Home Depot because that's where I thought all the germs were. I held my breath as much as I could in that store. -I was afraid of being under a ceiling fan because I thought you'd never know when one would just slip and fall and slice your head clean from your body. -I was also afraid of walking over subway vents in the city as I figured you'd never know when the metal grate would give way and you would plummet down and get torn to shreds when the train ran you over. -My grandpa used to smoke and I thought that if I inhaled any of it, I would instantly get cancer and I would die. So I held my breath around him a lot too. -I once had a tick on my side which started my lifelong fear of those evil bloodsuckers. But I didn't know about it until a point in social studies class, when I went to scratch the painful itch and found it there. I yanked it off and out of fear and horrible social anxiety I didn't tell anyone. I had a red scar there for several years. I thought immediately afterwards that the red meant the tick's head was still inside me and I thought that it would regrow its body and swim around in my blood and eventually make its way to my brain to kill me. I was terrified but I accepted the fact that I was going to die soon. I was a morbid kid.

  • Rupert Cassin Reply

    Oh man...I was walking a puppy once and her owner had told me that she was behaving really oddly and he was worried she might be sick, so I'd promised to keep a close eye on her. Unsurprisingly, she started vomiting, and it was like...this massive ten inch long tube with hair or something sticking out of it, covered in what looked basically like poop with red chunks sticking out. I took a picture of it to send to the owner, then went to go get a bag to throw it away because it was appalling and smelled. Unfortunately, the dog had chosen to vomit on top of a subway grate, and the rumbling and shaking as a train passed underneath somehow caused that disgusting thing to...dislodge and slide down into the platform below. Still really sorry about that and anyone who might have been standing near that falling vomit turd. Also, I took the puppy straight to the vet at that point, she ended up being fine.

  • Graciela Pouros Reply

    Coming from someone who has struggled with depression, anxiety, and drug abuse since my early teens, it sucks, but *everybody* has issues. This past week I've spent more time in bed than out of it, but then I walk down the street and see a homeless man laying on a subway grate to stay warm. Does it fix everything? I am fortunate to even have a bed. I should be happy! No, but a little perspective makes me realize, it could be much worse. I guess what I'm trying to say, is thinking about things from a logical point-of-view can dampen the emotional intensity. That helps me.

  • Raoul Morissette Reply

    Earlier this year when all those people realized they had pics of the same man airing out his junk over a subway(?) grate in Philly for many years.

  • Ross Hoppe Reply

    Maybe the character reaches back to the knowledge they acquired/displayed earlier from that one chick and decides to put the bomb ________ instead. Or they throw it into a building that's about to be demolished anyway. Or maybe they toss it into a subway tunnel and hope for the best. Ooo, or maybe just drops it into a manhole/grate and drops to their knees praying nobody gets hurt?

  • Antwon Halvorson Reply

    When my dog fell up the stairs and when he was scared of the subway grate so he tries to do this awkward jump over it instead of walking around and almost kills me in the process. Love him to pieces though.

  • Ettie Botsford Reply

    It's called a subway grate and they're all over the regular sidewalks in NYC.

  • Deanna Krajcik Reply

    Any idea what his back story is? He doesn't seem to be homeless but from his frequent subway grate visits I gather he doesn't have air conditioning or heat where he lives haha

  • Jaylon Parker Reply

    [End upskirts and sexual harassment!](,c_limit/marilyn-monroe-seven-year-itch-subway-grate.jpg)

  • Tressa Mitchell Reply

    I never walk on those grate things on the sidewalks in cities. My friends make fun of me, but I will staring down at their terrified as they get crushed by a subway one day...

  • Lisandro Bayer Reply

    That I'll fall through a subway grate. I know they're bolted in and have a ledge but I still step around them if I can.

  • Shanie Jones Reply

    He'd been struggling a long time. It wasn't depression that got him, that he could handle- the sadness, the fear, the hopelessness. It wasn't the pain. It was the lack of pain. It was when he stopped feeling, when the world seemed grey and he was numb all over, numb to the marrow of his bones. He used to walk the streets at night when insomnia got him- he hadn't dreamed for years. He was looking for something, though he didn't know what, but even as he searched he had the deep, dreadful certainty that he would never find it. He wandered to the subway station, wandered to the train, wandered to the ledge, the finality of his every step was not lost on him. He looked, for a moment, at the tracks. Discarded gum, cigarette butts, newspaper scraps, a pencil. It seemed fitting. He didn't hesitate. He looked up at the metal beast hurtling toward him, and for a moment the world was all blinding light and deafening sound and screaming colour, and he died having felt *something.* He didn't leave a note. I wish I could tell you his name, but I don't know it. We never do. Every day I see him- crouching by a heating grate, leaning off a balcony, walking with his head down, sleeping on newspapers in freezing streets. He's everywhere, and nowhere. He has nothing and nobody, and he's drifting, unmoored, floating in numbness and the frigid dark. We've all seen him but none of us remember his face. He was the lost, the broken, the left behind; the cornered, the hopeless, the resigned. He had no choice. He was the dead. He was the wounded deer and the hunter, the man on the tracks and the barreling train that crushed him. He was me. He was you. He was all of us, and all of us are him.

  • Trevor Cruickshank Reply

    He'd been struggling a long time. It wasn't depression that got him, that he could handle- the sadness, the fear, the hopelessness. It wasn't the pain. It was the lack of pain. It was when he stopped feeling, when the world seemed grey and he was numb all over, numb to the marrow of his bones. He used to walk the streets at night when insomnia got him- he hadn't dreamed for years. He was looking for something, though he didn't know what, but even as he searched he had the deep, dreadful certainty that he would never find it. He wandered to the subway station, wandered to the train, wandered to the ledge, the finality of his every step was not lost on him. He looked, for a moment, at the tracks. Discarded gum, cigarette butts, newspaper scraps, a pencil. It seemed fitting. He didn't hesitate. He looked up at the metal beast hurtling toward him, and for a moment the world was all blinding light and deafening sound and screaming colour, and he died having felt *something.* He didn't leave a note. I wish I could tell you his name, but I don't know it. We never do. Every day I see him- crouching by a heating grate, leaning off a balcony, walking with his head down, sleeping on newspapers in freezing streets. He's everywhere, and nowhere. He has nothing and nobody, and he's drifting, unmoored, floating in numbness and the frigid dark. We've all seen him but none of us remember his face. He was the lost, the broken, the left behind; the cornered, the hopeless, the resigned. He had no choice. He was the dead. He was the wounded deer and the hunter, the man on the tracks and the barreling train that crushed him. He was me. He was you. He was all of us, and all of us are him.

  • Kyleigh Haag Reply

    I agree with this. Another thing to consider is that you're going a lot faster on a road bike versus a mountain bike. That's one of the reasons we wear relatively tight clothes. At 20mph on a road bike, baggy shorts will look like Marilyn Monroe's dress over a subway grate. If you're really strong go for it, but you will stand out and there are drawbacks.

  • Alexandro Rolfson Reply

    The founding fathers all walk out of a subway and into a bar. Each tries a brew they haven't heard of before as they are eyed by the patrons surrounding them. Their clothes do not fit, their hair does not fit, and from their voices, these people believe they are British. Suddenly Jefferson over hears talk of a presidential debate behind him, and turns to find a flat picture which somehow *moved*. There were people in it, and they spoke of the 2016 US Presidential race. Jefferson gets the others' attentions and focuses them upon the screen. They watch as a megalomaniac sways crowds with his speeches, and an obviously manipulative spinster running against him. There is mention of a third, who sounds more rational. Even his ideas grate at them like nails on the chalkboard, though. And now they knew they had made a mistake. Just as they begin to feel the great weight of their consciences' bear down, Bill and Ted stumble into the doorway. "C'mon dudes! We just had to make a pit stop for some righteous slurpees. You guys ready to skidaddle?" "Please, this time makes me... *ill*," says Jefferson. "Yeah, everyone here seems a little sensitive. But no worries, bro, we're about to go back and meet some bodacious hippie chicks! You'll love it Tom, I promise!" The group of them make their way outside, and strangers stare as eight grown men enter into a phone booth together in a 7-11 parking lot. In a few moments, no one is looking their way, and all of the sudden, the phone booth simply *vanished*.

  • Myrl Kohler Reply

    I could feel the field generated by the subway. I passed over a subway grate and it made my hand tingle. I could feel microwaves, and was able to isolate a live wire that same day. Hard drives seem to be a bit more subtle, those took a few days.

  • Coralie Wisozk Reply

    He definitely does big action stuff, but it always feels fairly grounded and somewhat realistic (hell, the elevator shaft bit is only in the movie because a stuntman actually fell and caught himself while they were filming, it's not in the script at all). But in the first three movies McClane's main strength is his determination. It feels like he does things we could do if we just had the balls. I could make that jump. I could pull up a grate and jump down onto a subway train. I never would, but I *could*. Because that dude is just a dude. But in Live Free he's basically magic. I mean [look at this](! It's fucking awesome, but it's not Die Hard. Fits in more with something like [Red](, another cool movie where Willis feels a bit like John McClane. Because Willis has subsumed that character so heavily into himself. Of course there's other elements to Die Hard, but a lot of those elements became part of the Bruce Willis movie persona in general. That's why it's so easy to consider a lot of his movies honorific Die Hard films (and some of them are justified, like Fifth Element and Last Boy Scout).

  • Shirley Witting Reply

    I spent a day with George Carlin once. Never told anyone this story before. I was 17, cutting school in NYC, hanging out on Columbus circle, asking people for change, when a guy comes up to me and says "hi, I'm George Carlin!" I was like "who?" - then my mind clicked and I recognized him. He said, "never mind, let's go get a beer," and bought me one from the corner store. We spent the rest of the day with him teaching me how to beg for money successfully. I can't remember all the tricks (this happened in the mid-90s), but one of them involved going up to people with a banana and saying "this is a banana-stick up, give me some money!". Another involved asking people if they could spare $50, on the theory that they'd be more likely to hand over a dollar if you asked for a ridiculous amount. He said, "if you can make them laugh, you can get them to hand something over." At the end of the day we had about 80 bucks; he sorted through it and took out all the pennies and nickels, and tossed them through a subway grate saying "that's for the people who are worse off than you are." I don't have any evidence to back this up, so take it for what it's worth, but he was an awesome guy, and that was an awesome day for a teen trying to make it in the city.

  • Elvera Upton Reply

    >[**Snickers Super Bowl 2016 Commercial Willem Dafoe Marilyn Monroe [1:04]**]( >>Snickers Super Bowl 2016 Commercial Willem Dafoe Marilyn Monroe. Snickers Super Bowl 2016 TV Commercial, 'Marilyn' Featuring Willem Dafoe. Beloved Hollywood figure Marilyn Monroe is on the set of 1955's "The Seven Year Itch" in her iconic white dress, and we catch the scene where she stands over the Subway grate. As the dress billows oh so gracefully, we suddenly realize it's actually actor Willem Dafoe in the dress, and he's quite grumpy. He can't understand how someone would put a girl in heels on a Subway train. When one of the guys on set gives him a Snickers candy bar, Marilyn is herself again -- literally. As Snickers demonstrates in this Super Bowl 50 ad, you're not you when you're hungry. > [*^Super ^Bowl ^Commercials ^Ads*]( ^in ^Film ^& ^Animation >*^525,073 ^views ^since ^Feb ^2016* [^bot ^info](

  • Jayson Weber Reply

    if you push a stranger off of a subway platform, onto the tracks, that's an example of you being positively negative. you better run too. holy shit you'd better run, FAST. they have cameras in subways you idiot. please tell me you wore a hoodie or a cap. OK listen, first thing you do is get the fuck out there. We've covered that. don't worry about not attracting attention. Right now, you're top priority is leaving the station without being stopped. SCOOT. as soon as you get out, find an alley or a sewer grate. you need to get rid of whatever you were wearing. quick. PLEASE tell me you have a disposable hoodie or cap. if not, what were you doing even pushing people off platforms. this stuff takes planning, and in the absence of that, some really clever thinking. you need to stay on your toes. good thing weapon to find, and subway cameras are pretty grainy. since you had no discernible motive, they won't be tying you to the victim through any reasoning or research. as long as you can avoid detection, you're good. DO NOT go back to that subway station. DO NOT linger in that part of town. You just got away with something pretty fucked up. Don't tempt fate.

  • Lorenza Williamson Reply

    It looks like you linked to another subreddit. Here is some useful metadata for /r/funny/ ------ **Subscribers:** 12,072,749 **Over 18 Only:** False **Subreddit Type:** public   **Top post of all time:** [38,159] [I participated in one of the biggest Magic: the Gathering tournaments of all time this weekend. In an effort to document it, I posed for pictures near people with exposed asscracks. I present to you Grand Prix Richmond Crackstyle.]( - submitted by /u/OB1FBM **Top post past 24 hours:** [5,573] [Beagle puppy + subway grate]( - submitted by /u/Spee1994 **Most controversial submission:** [0] [Legitimate Reason to Smile in A Mugshot]( - submitted by /u/Ikidware

  • Carissa Stehr Reply

    better yet, we need good morning America to interview him. I have this whole story for him in my head. he is mentally challenged and lives with his elderly mother who cares for him. but every day he mumbles "gotta get air" and she's been thinking for years he went for a walk and is just now finding out all these years he's been standing over a subway grate. Jennie throws it to dr psychobabble and ask him "just what is Kevin suffering from that this grating is meeting a neeeeeed in him?" dr psychobabble clears his throat "well Jennie we call this mentally challenged obsessive compulsive disorder" he is obsessed with feeling the warm air blow across his genitalia. his mother pipes up "the air moving across his whaaaaaaa!!? Kevin that's filthy! you know mommy doesn't it like it when you.. Jennie cuts back in "now a word from our sponsors Cialex! you need to be always ready for when the time is right! whispers through her smile wile Kevin and mom are fighting behind her "quick go to commercial go to commercial" that's how it played out in my head.... I think we need an interview with this guy one way or another.

  • Christophe Bergnaum Reply

    I'm on the fence regarding Yetis; but, I can guarantee you that ain't no bigfoots in downtown, if there is a subway grate in the vicinity you best watch out for those of our kind. However, hike up into the old woods, where you get the tendrils tracing into your mind that you may be the first person to step here, and here, and here. Even if you hike like this for decades; can rationalize inside your tent at 3:30 in the morning that what woke you up was a bear, or raccoon. Don't bother getting out to see, because you're not going to catch it with your flash light. I've been a hiking guy all my life; they're things out in the deep woods that will kill you, ninety percent of the time they are natural animals going about their business. Ten percent of them I can't explain; I won't argue about this, if you've ever camped in deep woods ten you know.

  • Claudia Crist Reply

    Donnie and Louis grabbed their gear in fast succession - this time perhaps being followed was not in their best interest. They ducked into the secret passage and bribed six guards not to say anything. They bribed them with daggers to the face! "We can't take the risk", Louis insisted as he wiped his dagger off. "Agreed. This is bigger than all of us." They emerged from a drainage grate on 66th ave and used public transit dressed like aviators. It was ruse! "They won't see through our ruse", Donnie chuckled as they sat near the back of the subway care. It was true because nobody gave a shit. The journey home was super boring. "If they found my stash", Louis began. "If they are there then we head for mine. One is meaningless. We can't let them get both."

  • Harmon Satterfield Reply

    Hi /u/lordroy, your post was removed because it appears to be a recent popular crosspost from /r/funny: * [Beagle puppy + subway grate](/r/funny/comments/4ru0vm) (5256) by Spee1994 6 hours ago. Similarity: 100.00 If you think this was a mistake, please [message the moderators](/message/compose?to=/r/gifs&subject=My%20post%20was%20removed&message=%5BThis%20post%5D%28%2fr%2fgifs%2fcomments%2f4rvmwj%2fbeagle_puppy_subway_grate%2f%29%20was%20removed%20for%20breaking%20rule%201,%20but%20I%20would%20like%20a%20second%20opinion%20from%20a%20human.).

  • Toni Upton Reply

    paramedic here. one of the more brutal calls i went to was a bicyclist that was riding the drunk when it was pouring rain outside. he slid his bike over a sewer grate, hit the curb, and went over the handles. unfortuantely he faceplanted on a [subway grate]( When we got to him, the lower half of his face was chunks of flesh in a grid pattern. unfortunatley, he was still conscious, so he kept trying to talk and move. we strapped him down, and i gave him a suction catheter to hold in his mouth to help suction out the copious amount of blood that was pooling in. looked like something straighout of a horror movie. i also remember his tongue flopping around....

  • Lexi Nitzsche Reply

    He was an angry drunk, and both verbally and physically abusive, not to mention massively controlling. Apparently he had a huge blow-up over her filming the famous subway grate scene in The Seven Year Itch, screaming at her and the film crew, because it was too racy for his wife to do. The bits of that scene that are waist-down use a stand-in instead of Marilyn because of him. I found this [New York Post article]( article about them for you. It's a little sensationalized, because, you know, the New York Post, but if you're in the mood for something salacious.

  • Hortense Block Reply

    The only reason I'm focusing on it is because I felt it was shoved down my throat. Like half of the film was an upskirt shot of this girl. I don't really understand your point about cats. In real life cats are always naked and if they have their back's to you, you will see their butthole. That's just how cats are. So no that wouldn't bother me and I would never consider that to be sexualizing cats. But it's not like all underage school girls walk around with their underwear being exposed like their permanently walking over a subway grate. I don't watch anime. And If you don't watch anime these kind of things aren't "normal" so that's why it stood out to me so much.

  • Uriah Koepp Reply

    It would be a cool mechanic :). I was let down by GTAV wanted system I thought it took a step back compared GTA IV. IV police had cones representing fields of vision and you break the field of vision you can lose them. In GTA V the AI cheats it instantly knows where you are. The only way you can lose them is by going underground in a subway tunnel. Because the AI has trouble finding you due to the path finding limitations but even then if the is a grate above you the AI can find you. Another way to lose them is going underwater because again of path finding problems. I know GTA is different type of fish compared to Mafia but both games have the players being pursued by the police. Sorry if I went off on a tangent lol.

  • Evert Gerhold Reply

    Rip out the median in the middle of the street, use the space to shift the lanes north. One problem would be the subway grate. Are they allowed to be in the road? I can't tell from streetview if it's just exhaust or if it's an access point as well. Then, build a [curb extension](, like on the Washington Street side, so that at the intersection there are only two lanes rather than the three currently there. (One is technically a bus stop). Put up "10 minute pick up/drop off, no unattended vehicles" signs. Move the bus stop to the other side of Washington Street.

  • Sherman Langworth Reply

    One of the most striking images I have ever seen, was a homeless man sleeping on a metro(subway) exhaust grate on the National Mall. With a backdrop of the Capital Building. We let people starve and beg for food. You think they care about your ability to drive?

  • Annabelle Torp Reply

    Nobody should braid Brett's beard. It just ends up looking like a small, dense cat turd on the end of his chin. Not sexy. Sexiest ChiZine author will be revealed in the July centrefold when we do the CZP authors calendar. It might be Don Bassingthwaite holding a strategically placed oven mitt. Or perhaps Bracken MacLeod demurely holding his kilt down as it billows around him from a gust of air from a subway grate. Maybe we should Kickstart this shit.

  • Daphney Marquardt Reply

    You're that guy standing over the subway grate, aren't you?

  • Anne Douglas Reply

    I don't know what the fit is like but if I owned them I would probably want something like this just to make them feel a bit more secure, especially during movement, like if I'm walking or riding a bike or something like that. I imagine it would suck to have one of those fall out as you're getting off the subway or fall through a grate on the street or something.

  • Florida King Reply

    True story: I once walked over a subway grate in the Batman pair and flashed the Bat Signal. I was not embarrassed and proud.

  • Adrianna Schulist Reply

    Longtime lurker, first time poster I was on the subway this morning and behind a ventilation grate was a folded up bill. I spent the whole commute considering: - how to get the bill out - the denomination of the bill - did the denomination of the bill change my mind about whether I should try to retrieve or not - would anyone on the subway care? - did I care if they cared? A few stops in I half-heartedly tried using a key. Fail. So! This bill is still out there in the wild for anyone interested / with better tools for the job.

  • Luella Herzog Reply

    i would go with something that has at least one kick tail so that you can get off the ground. cruisers fit the bill. flat deck longboards are just confusingly useless to me. not being able to ollie is a deal breaker. cruising around is 10x better when you can get up a curb, over the street car tracks/manhole cover/subway grate/a parking block/misc hazards, down a stair or 5... that makes cruising fun, IMO. just hauling ass on a long, cumbersome, heavy, awkward, flat deck just doesn't compare.

  • Douglas Abernathy Reply

    I've never seen a power outlet on the nyc subway in 30 years of riding it. Maybe he takes the grate off below the seat or something and there's one by the a/c but I'd never put my hands down there.

  • Carmen Jacobs Reply

    Just stand over a subway grate like Marilyn until your dress is cooked

  • Audra McGlynn Reply

    How much change did you throw through the subway grate? Tree fiddy?

  • Daisha Ward Reply

    I was standing on a grate in NYC taking a picture. After I snapped he pic I was looking down at the camera when I noticed lights below. Maybe 30+ft down I was looking at the floor of something. Subway? Idk, but it was deep as fuck, and I've never been more startled in my life. I spent the rest of my trip avoiding metal grates. Ive been hiking and looked down 600ft Rock cliffs and not been as scared as I was standing on that grate.

  • Cassidy Mayert Reply

    **comment content**: Plot twist: He's trying to fly away **subreddit**: funny **submission title**: Beagle puppy + subway grate **redditor**: Doctor_Mythical **comment permalink**:

  • Johnpaul Rolfson Reply

    "I still cannot believe that this happened to me in America." I would think it would be less surprising to people who regularly wear turbans. Maybe it was his first time on a Greyhound bus? There are a lot of psychos who travel on Greyhound buses. And there's always that one honless dude that smells a lot like a NYC subway grate.

  • Will Littel Reply

    The 7 year itch is one I can name off the top, and I've never seen any of them. I also always assumed that famous subway grate blowing her dress up scene was from a movie, but tbh idk. I don't think they had Kardashian-esque famous for no reason people then, they were all actual celebrities: movie stars, singers and the like.

  • Madie Lowe Reply

    This is like the 21st century version of Marilyn Monroe on the subway grate.

  • Asa Pagac Reply

    Most companies monitor social media for posts about the company. Post on Twitter, on their FB page. It can help. I agree that going to Comcast office is best way. Take a picture of your place as well to show them that you don't live in a cardboard box on a subway grate.

  • Jayda Hintz Reply

    I worked on the loading crew for a subway distribution warehouse. We would see this all the time when the drivers would bring back the truck and not leave the unit on to keep anything cold. Cleaning that out of a metal grate truck floor is some bullshit.

  • Meghan Ullrich Reply

    Joining everybody else and recommending bike shorts. They're especially helpful when you're in NYC wearing a dress, and you're standing above a grate above the subway and a train steams through and blows your dress up.

  • Elena Bednar Reply

    Looks like some modern art student's terrible attempt at a likeness of Marilyn Monroe on the subway grate.

  • Trey Veum Reply

    when i cycled by around ~ 7:10am there were a bunch of dudes standing on the subway grate (not in the "i'm bored and waiting for a bus" kinda way - too many people for that stop). no police barricade nor the truck on the sidewalk then.

  • Trystan Streich Reply

    Female based equine herm standing over a subway grate with the wind blowing hir skirt up. If you want to make it NSFW, have a flaccid equine shaped penis just barely visible, otherwise, it's all gravy.

  • Jaunita Huel Reply

    A cat would be nice. Someone to help fight off the rats that have been snacking on my ears while I try to sleep on this subway grate.

  • Joey Volkman Reply

    This is my brothers street corner. Says he sees the guy all the time. I've heard someone has set up a live cam on the subway grate!

  • Cecelia Schulist Reply

    Uh, I once walked over a subway grate and had my skirt blow up. Usually I wear shorts underneath but forgot that day.

  • Brandi Wolff Reply

    Pfft. Wait until they see someone in sitelettos walk over a subway grate! It's basically witchcraft.

  • Adele Kerluke Reply

    ...Now I really want to see Asami as Marilyn Monroe on the subway grate but with Korra making the wind.

  • Sunny Lebsack Reply

    I'd give ya gold, but sadly I didn't take a picture of an old man over a subway grate.

  • Wellington Kovacek Reply

    If you position it over a subway grate you can cut down on heating expenses.

  • Keenan Douglas Reply

    Go stand over a subway grate and take some Marilyn Monroe-esque pics.

  • Adolph Renner Reply

    Every shirt's a cape when you're over a subway exhaust grate.

  • Judson Jones Reply

    Marilyn Monroe in a white halter dress over the subway grate.

  • Kylee Lemke Reply

    ooh now I wannna see a flying squirrel over a subway grate!

  • Aylin Cartwright Reply

    Who's idea was it to put me on a subway grate in high heels?

  • Lambert Schmeler Reply

    Walking over a subway grate and falling in

  • Gonzalo Rodriguez Reply

    Marylin Monroe over the subway grate?

  • Yvonne Bednar Reply

    Hahahaha subway grate?

  • Linnie Collier Reply

    subway grate and chill?