Bear attempts to take on a cat

source: imgur
  • Whiskers Kraus warns Bear McMahon what he’s up against in no uncertain terms
  • Feel free to use this anytime a cat team plays the Bears
  • This sums up the Bears attempt at a 2 point conversion
  • Bear just wants to be friends with cat!
  • CAt fUCkinG ExeCUtes hELpleSs BeAr
  • Bear attempts to take on a cat
  • Cats don't give two fucks
  • This is MY land!!
  • Beat it, Smokey!
  • Bear vs. Cat
  • Meow_irl

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Comments (2)

  • Ashlee Braun Reply

    fuck outta here with that bear shit.

  • Erich Heller Reply

    Black bears are the most cowardly of all scary creatures. My neighbor's chihuahua chased a full grown adult bear down the road one time. They are wusses. Panda bears, now that's a different story.