because walking on 4 legs is so pedestrian

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  • British Japanese star refuses to see the error of his ways!
  • Think I'll hop on my scooter and go sightseeing
  • because walking on 4 legs is so pedestrian
  • This dog is cooler than I will ever be
  • They see me rolling, they hating
  • Even our dogs are superior
  • Shoed dog enjoys scooting
  • Doggo rides a scooter
  • He's got grace
  • He's got style
  • Bostie Scooter
  • Dogtown legend
  • Scooter rider
  • He got grace
  • Scooter dog
  • Jackson_irl
  • woof irl
  • me irl

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  • Dahlia Schmidt Reply

    You look so pedestrian!

  • Percival Anderson Reply

    Typically I see older people getting their jeans hemmed to just where the sole of the shoe meet the rest of it (to the floor in bare feet). Younger people tend to want them to either just touch the floor in their shoes, or have it about 1/4" above the floor to avoid damage from walking/dragging. Jeans with narrow/skinny legs have to be hemmed shorter though as they will just get caught up on the front of the foot anyway.

  • Garrison Ebert Reply

    Typically I'll try to do 4-6 moves per body part, and I work out different parts every day. Ideally it looks like this: shoulders + 20 mins of walking, arms the next day + 30 mins run/walk, yoga the following day, then legs and butt + 30 min stairmaster, back + 30 min walk, abs + 20 min HIIT on the treadmill. I use a collection of various exercises recommended by my former trainer, my husband and

  • Malachi Purdy Reply

    I'm 6'4", have long ass legs, long stride, and I'm in great shape. I've never hit the speedlock while walking. Running and jogging, maybe if you're speedwalking, but definitely not normal walking. Maybe the GPS on your phone is wacky or maybe just bad reception?

  • Mortimer Effertz Reply

    1. different length legs will _require_ different walking approach in order to not fall over. 2. different leg size will require use of muscles differently to achieve a walk. 3. different length arms will result in different movement of center of balance when walking. 4. different postures will require different movements to stay balanced. 5. Muscles developing differently do to exercise, type of activities, genetics will all result in varying strengths in specific muscles, different mass distribution and so on. all will impact gait.

  • Freda Mitchell Reply

    Apparently were one of the worst cities for pedestrian fatalities as well. So strange.

  • Brittany Hahn Reply

    Yeah I did PT for about 3 or 4 months after my surgeries and that's what helped me get out of the wheelchair and walking on my poor atrophied inflexible osteoporosis riddled (yes really) legs. The rest was just keeping in mind that consistency and discipline would be what helped me live a handicap-free life so I worked through the pain within reason and tried my hardest. And the braids just take practice. Plus my hairs really long and healthy (yes I brag about it, it's no accident!) so that helps it look so pretty. I'm wearing Dutch braids in that photo.

  • Janet Pacocha Reply

    Wait, so is pedestrian detection a thing or not in v8 as out now?

  • Lonzo Gottlieb Reply

    Just one nibling? That is so pedestrian...

  • Nick Marks Reply

    I really hate that you need such a big bridge to cross that street. Pedestrian bridged are so much smaller IRL.

  • Tad Daugherty Reply

    You look like an orphan. So pedestrian.

  • Donavon Kub Reply

    I'm generally a supporter of the project but I can't fathom why there are so few pedestrian crossings

  • Barry Bartoletti Reply

    But now that all seems so pedestrian. This is more like electing Bob Katter as Prime Minister.

  • Garett Willms Reply

    Helps to not get hit by cars in the rain as a pedestrian... so there's that I guess.

  • Andreanne Glover Reply

    I have days like that. You get on the ice and you start thinking about the small stuff on skates. If you spent the day walking, or haven't been on ice in a while(For me a while is 4 - 8 days) You'll have to readjust to getting on ice, as it's not the same as walking. I'm actually more comfortable on ice than on dry land. I'm in no way a good or great skater, but I've hit the ice at least 3 times a week, be it free skate or hockey. Don't think about it too much, and just go out there and have fun. If it persists, you might be tired or sore since you starting a month ago. I took a girl skating who goes like once a year, and she was complaining about her shins and legs hurting. Took me a minute to realize these last few years I've developed muscles that let me skate at a leisurely pace for a few hours. Again, It just takes time man.

  • Kailyn Dickens Reply

    My best advice for people doing a marathon with out training is to go for a run with a gps watch and pick a pace that feels so comfortable to run at that your heart rate and breathing doesnt rise to much. Like you're walking fast. Mine was 10kmph. At the start you will wanna go faster, don't give into this temptation. Just stick to the plan. Gell packs help a lot during the run as you will get hungry. I ate a shit load of brown rice the night before and two pieces of toast with peanut butter the morning off. Go slowly up hills and let your legs go floppy down hill. I weigh 140 pounds, so I guess my genetics are on my side. I wasn't aiming to do a sub 4, it just happened because of the pace I picked at the start and how I felt at the middle.

  • Paolo Emard Reply

    Sing to your little one, do it sitting (or walking) but the sitting is better choice. Ours ended up only like walking and singing(cause that's all we did at first) and when your getting 2-4 hours of sleep or less it really takes a toll. We were so tired we just dragged our bodies against the wall and walked and sang. If its gas then rub his back from lower back to neck we found was perfect for him, he disliked the back patting. The gas drops didn't do anything for our LO, but what also helped was having him laid back on the boppy pillow and moving his legs like a bicycle and that helped our LO to toot and burp. Good luck!

  • Neoma Kautzer Reply

    Day 4 and 5 CT were really, really tough for me too, but honestly that was the bottom. It's awesome that you did a 45 minute workout! Even if you're still feeling depressed, at least you got yourself moving and that's the best thing I've found for getting through the bone-numbing, soul-stealing CT days. I could barely move my legs on days 4 and 5, but I'm on day 19 now, and I just took a two mile hike. My bones still ached a bit at first, but once I got walking, I felt great! I swear it gets better. You're doing great! Hang in there!

  • Kurtis Medhurst Reply

    I think legs is the worst. Walking like a stiff 80 year old...sitting on the toilet...your 4 year old slamming his elbow into your thigh.

  • Liana Bogisich Reply

    But why does it start walking on 4 legs?

  • Jakayla Klein Reply

    Hey there, I just ran a marathon Sunday, and this was my basic schedule for the last 4-5 months: Mon- Legs Tue- Arms and Abs (sometimes split into AM/PM) Weds- Track for HIIT/ speed workouts Thurs- Easy pace where distance was half of that week's long run Fri- Rest or whatever I missed that week Sat- Long run Sun- Rest or a few miles of walking or SUP For my diet I focused on getting 1500 cals, with 100-120g protein. Good luck!

  • Danika Zulauf Reply

    Decidueye is cool. I wish Incineroar could go between standing on 2 legs and walking on all 4 like an actually cat. And Primarina is too feminine...not that it needs to be masculine, per se, but idk it would be weird to be a male Primarina. ...still hyped though!

  • Raleigh Kris Reply

    So he is in the top 3 of nba players? How is that pedestrian, lol.

  • Annamarie Huel Reply

    Holy shit. He just makes it look so pedestrian somehow.

  • Delaney Abshire Reply

    I dunno, maybe we have different goals for this game. My concern now is: 1) Get more high CP pokemon that are 2600+ so I can stack more gyms..without the need for Stardust... 2) Collect as many coins as I can 3) Spend as little time gyming as possible..i enjoy walking around more than standing at a gym for an hour (i'm embarassed to be seen doing it, tiring on the legs to just stand still, not catching pokemon I could be catching if I were walking around) 4) Prep for the winter hibernation I just think it makes more sense "timewise" (not much time to play each day) for me to stack my mons in high level gyms instead of attacking.

  • Isobel Gislason Reply

    Foodie needs to be a real keyword. "Ugh, funnel cakes are so pedestrian "

  • Maximillia Sanford Reply

    My team of randoms did it in about 4:30 this afternoon even though a couple of guys died half way through. The trick is just busting one of the tank's legs and walking right around him with the parts. He doesn't have room to turn around once everybody is on the siege engine.

  • Ezekiel Funk Reply

    wtf is happening haha, so pedestrian, fuck mee

  • Adela Boyle Reply

    It's the V shape. Scientists have said it for decades. Yet bodybuilders insists on eating 4-5k calories a day, getting freak legs that sometimes even impair walking and going bald taking steroids. My legs have never looked smaller today and I get attention from women. And guess what? Evolutionary science backs me up. Arnold had the ultimate V shape, but you could argue even that was too much. The best V shape is what you see on Greek statues, and if you havent seen them, Greek statues are NOT ripped and NOT buffed, they just look like a natural man with some definition and their arms are smaller than most gym rats.

  • Chesley Carter Reply

    I think if this is taking a third of your time you are doing it wrong. The best way I have found is to have large blueprints of solar acc, roboports and power then just shift click the blueprint and leave your construction bots to build it for you. The most time consuming part for me is walking to the end of my solar array on concrete with 4 go faster legs. BTW shift clicking the BP gets your bots to auto remove trees and rocks. Hth

  • Tessie Welch Reply

    Wiping one's own ass is so pedestrian.

  • Lonie Gutkowski Reply

    Space Legs. I'm calling it here and now. First we thought it would be Thargoids, but with all the stuff currently going on, I can't believe we must wait for another 6 months until we get first contact with them. However, given the secrecy about 2.4 being touted as "big surprise" release, I guess they want to give us something that really fuels community excitement and also some more sales of Horizons before Season 3. Not necessarily in space or on planets, but at the very least walking around ships and stations. The foundations will be laid with 2.2 NPC crews and 2.3 multi-crew.

  • Chyna Streich Reply

    And the pedestrian is going to be found dead... So where something shiny...

  • Wilma Harvey Reply

    1. Most likely, just as current horizon DLC allow airless landing. 2. Not sure, nothing is announced on the details, and it is a far way off. 3. Don't know, it is rumored that the next DLC might be space legs and walking around, but nothing is confirmed. 4. Maybe try exploration and take a trip to a far away nebula or something? Have you visit the center of the galaxy yet? Even you can't land, you can still fly around interesting places, like blackholes and neutron stars. Or try other things, mining, make some friends and wing up, etc.

  • Zane Altenwerth Reply

    Nice!!! Mine two boards look so pedestrian compared to that.

  • Mason Effertz Reply

    "Make eye contact so pedestrian sees you" Can I maintain it as they cross?

  • Howard Pacocha Reply

    The pedestrian isn't rich enough to afford a Benz so fuck um.

  • Dixie Lebsack Reply

    I think most humans with back problems have it because of a sedentary lifestyle. And walking on two legs makes us able to move our upper body pretty much however we want while still beeing able to walk and run. We can carry stuff and use tools while escaping/chasing. And our lungs can work independently of our legs. Poor 4 leggers have to breathe in unison with their steps. We're basically a long distance weapon wielding perfection. Aaaand we have awesome brains!

  • Ola Lubowitz Reply

    A passenger getting off the bus is entering the pedestrian traffic stream, so the onus is on them to check if it's safe. Same as leaving a shop, I reckon.

  • Anika Pacocha Reply

    If you guys think seeing a PICTURE is terrifying, just wait until you see one WALKING DOWN YOUR STREET AT 4 IN THE MORNING. This happened after the midnight lure party in my town ended. This person was walking down the street in an Umbreon suit on all fours, with the freakishly long front legs and everything. I'm not scared of much, but this REALLY took me by surprise, and this is coming from a guy who doesn't flinch or wince while playing Silent Hill.

  • Blaze Olson Reply

    So in retrospect, I shouldn't have bothered running on Saturday morning when I was doing alumni band that afternoon. Even though it was my taper week, I ended up running 6.5 miles and then walking another 6.5, so my legs were/are dead. To compensate, I'm not going to run tomorrow morning. Which means I won't have to wake up at 4:30 am. I'm not going to know what to do with all this sleep. Probably wake up at 4:30 anyway.

  • Lyda Shanahan Reply

    Amazon? Anyways, I am in the same sort of situation, on my feet all day. I got a pair of Hoka One One Stinson ATR 2 and have found them to be great for all that walking around in the FC for hours. No aches or pains. I even hike in them. Working, I put about 4-5 miles a day in about 5 hours. I would also suggest getting some compression socks. Game changer for me to not have tired legs after an occasional 10-hour day.

  • Faustino Herman Reply

    Humans. Our larynx descends when we are 2-4 years old so we can talk clearly, but it causes us to choke on food and swallow water the wrong way occasionally. Our gait is inefficient specifically so we can give birth to big headed babies. Our back isn't made for walking on two legs so our back always hurts.

  • Bettye Heaney Reply

    She's so *pedestrian*...

  • Skylar Mohr Reply

    So Alaska saved Roxxxy over a pedestrian top ?

  • Immanuel Dicki Reply

    >but it's too pedestrian Ah, so ***not*** one of the Fast and Furious movies...

  • Amani Crooks Reply

    Way too pedestrian so far.

  • Alexandra Mraz Reply

    So much pedestrian traffic; the buses are moving at like 2mph through there.

  • Vaughn Schamberger Reply

    lo. So pedestrian after a while really...

  • Gino Torphy Reply

    I love the lady in the background at the end. She's like "Wait a tick... what the fuck?"

  • Johnson Graham Reply

    So, out of the way of standard pedestrian traffic?

  • Cedrick Howell Reply

    Just reprogram the lights into 4 one way phases + an all stop for pedestrian phase. Why is this so difficult?

  • Jaclyn Walker Reply

    So the narrative is we aren't so good now? Pedestrian at best?

  • Anna VonRueden Reply

    Also, she stole "very pedestrian" from Billy B. And I HATE Billy B, so you know I'm telling the truth.

  • Quincy Conroy Reply

    Honestly the main thing I would like is for the model to be changed from walking on it's back legs only (97% certain its' front legs never touch the ground) to walking on all 4 legs. Just personal opinions though, to each their own

  • Laurianne Blanda Reply

    OP's cousin ran over a pedestrian. So, not always.

  • Augustine Hartmann Reply

    man my first dab was on 4/20 with my buddy and he gave me a fat ass dab, right before school too.. my legs felt like Jell-O walking to class and needless to say I learned absolutely nothing the first few hours that day

  • Johnnie Wisozk Reply

    4 mph is the MAX I can walk on a treadmill and it's like... Speedy town. I've heard people here talk about walking at a 5 mile/hour pace... All I can think is your legs must be way longer than mine (29" inseam).

  • Gina Douglas Reply

    Iirc, our ancestors used to have the same fat deposits on their asses when they walked on 4 legs. Then they started walking upright and breasts are closer to eye level.

  • Lina Boehm Reply

    There has to be a error in the code as to why a lot of the 4 legged creatures are not walking on 4 legs.

  • Kailee Quitzon Reply

    To be fair the pedestrian crossing was doing so on a red light, the car on the other hand had a green light.

  • Wendell Hudson Reply

    So looking the area, does it ever warrant that much pedestrian traffic space?

  • Grant Schaefer Reply

    Aluminum?! So pedestrian. I'm holding out for the Titanium version.

  • Raleigh Pfannerstill Reply

    If it was 8 foot tall walking on 4 legs it would have been a Giraffe

  • Cierra Dickens Reply

    Does it say so explicitly? How would a pedestrian know not to use it?

  • Danial Christiansen Reply

    Oh wow, so they actually become mobile pedestrian crossings by law?

  • Aurelio Wehner Reply

    Stop being so pedestrian.

  • Thurman Altenwerth Reply

    Hyde ranked 27th last year with a 4.1 average. So, yeah, 4.0 is pretty pedestrian.

  • Weldon Wilderman Reply

    My daughter goes in for casts tomorrow. We mentioned her tip toe walking when she was like 3 and the doc said "don't worry about it until later". Well it's later (4 years) and now with a different doc. She said "Why wasn't this looked at earlier?" Sent her to physio and after stretches didn't work, she will have casts for the next 2 weeks on both legs. Nothing better for a 7 year old with casts on in the last few weeks of Summer.

  • Alene Torphy Reply

    Her styling for her performance was so pedestrian.

  • Marianna Blanda Reply

    Egg distance is so broken. I had one on 5.0/5.0 km for about 10 minutes while app is open and walking with clear GPS signal. My other eggs were on 4.8km/5.0km. Moments later they all hatched. Makes me feel like I'm wasting my legs and glad that I coast around on my bicycle instead of walking most the time. BTW the time I was monitoring the eggs I was WALKING at normal speed 3mph or so.

  • Shanel Spencer Reply

    Thanks for this post! Glad to see a shopping guide on Fukuoka. I went mad in Tenjin and probably would have handed my entire life savings if my legs weren't about to give out on me for walking 4+ hours with an empty stomach. XD The underground area of Tenjin station is also a heaven for shoppers.

  • Kobe Waelchi Reply

    and believed them to be Gods walking on 4 legs with 2 heads and metal skin.

  • Fatima McKenzie Reply

    Dude, WAT? That's a serious long run workout. I had a failed 5x1k workout Tuesday, only made it 4 repeats. Legs were still tired from a hilly long run on Sunday. Saturday I was up in the NH white mountains, did was tough: Only 40mi last week though, skipped my long run on Sunday because I wanted to be fresh walking around StoryLand all day.

  • Kareem Price Reply

    I mean, he hits a home run every game so it's kind of expected now. Pedestrian.

  • Sebastian Oberbrunner Reply

    Here's a lil trick to get any frog to walk a lil easier. Trim the legs back right out of the package. When you trim them trim one about a 1/4" shorter than the other. This will help but if you should master the walking on a spook style bait before you try to master it on a frog. Frogs can be tough to walk, some more than others. Trimming the legs as I described will help.

  • Madalyn Turner Reply

    Love to see this video because I've never seen a bear take more then 3 or 4 steps on 2 legs. Walking through a neighborhood would be AMAZING to see!!! Please link us!!!

  • Dandre Heaney Reply

    Tattoos. They just seem so pedestrian to me.

  • Alvina Kuhic Reply

    Oh, I totally agree with Peach. Her stuff wasn't so much old as pedestrian.

  • Tanner Quitzon Reply

    I have a close family friend with a large property (just sold it) down that way whith two airstrips, he swears he saw something running parallel with his vehicle as he was driving down the airstrip, it was on 4 legs and very dark coloured. Freaked me out walking around at night there.

  • Jamir Kuphal Reply

    Why is only walking on his hind legs? It seems like it would be easier to use all 4. lol

  • Wilburn Pagac Reply

    Why is he not walking on all 4 legs.......

  • Koby Fahey Reply

    Almost. It's a bike and pedestrian lane to the side of the main road, so there's some crossing traffic here and there because of car exists.

  • Aliya Bartoletti Reply

    Lol why is Denver so soft and hurt by what was an absolutely pedestrian joke?

  • Arnulfo Frami Reply

    Walking on for legs let's you leave 2 or 3 at a time in contact with the ground while you look for your next footing. In other words, walking across a river (or ice) on 4 legs should be at least as stable as simply standing still on 2, and probably moreso since a third leg gives your a tripod stance.

  • Rahsaan Douglas Reply

    Neat, so it is ineffective against cyclist/pedestrian encounters... go back to the drawing box.

  • Kiley Jacobi Reply

    i couldn't do it with a spring board, a bungee cord, or a pedestrian walkway so it's still cool.

  • Palma Boyer Reply

    I mean our pedestrian MMRs should've made it so that we got a game right away :(

  • Tito Becker Reply

    Hahaha okay okay I stand corrected. I meant animal life, things walking on 2 or 4 legs. There were bodies of water too and 0 fish. Was kind of weird. The temperature wasn't anything extreme either from what I remember

  • Sabina Larson Reply

    It's often less awkward, so as a pedestrian I endorse this.

  • Alyson Windler Reply

    "So, if you hit a pedestrian, this'll spray glue on them."

  • Abbie Gulgowski Reply

    I am right now, but it's 3AM and my legs are killing me T~T (was walking around for 4 hours prior) You can bet money on what I'll be doing tomorrow morning 1st thing when I wake up!

  • Harmony Anderson Reply

    If you drive around at night in the country there's meet walking around on 4 legs, just remember to speed up not slow down before you hit it.

  • Casandra Schmitt Reply

    So move him back to 2nd base. Utley has been pretty pedestrian for the last couple months.

  • Bart O'Connell Reply

    So eighth in the NBA is "pedestrian." Got it!

  • Vesta Smith Reply

    In some areas they have so many pedestrian fences it's almost impossible to cross anyway

  • Joanie Herzog Reply

    So in the event of a driver hitting a pedestrian...who has right of way and who is to blame?

  • Abigail Sporer Reply

    Pirate King? Pshhh, so pedestrian. Pirate God!!