Beer Gut Ballerina

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  • /er/funny is the Gem of Nongolia today. Uncle Ganbei works off some jin
  • MRW people ask me what to do in between sets
  • MRW the first set of the weekend goes off
  • Guiles Theme: It goes with everything
  • Amazed this guy isn't thinner
  • Blue Devils dance block
  • Beer Gut Ballerina
  • thats dancing
  • Dance arcade
  • Me💃irl
  • Me_irl
  • meirl

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Comments (9)

  • Eli Heaney Reply

    [Here's a beer gut ballerina..](

  • Chelsie Bogisich Reply

    You've been in plenty of bar fights before. You've held your own against skinheads and bodybuilders and guys who think you're picking on their height. But this one - this one was different. The guy was huge. Not just tall, but he had a massive barrel chest and huge gut. He was clearly drunk - he could barely keep himself standing. When he pushed you, you had no idea why. It didn't matter. Game on. A punch to face. Your hand making a loud \*smack* sound on his skin. He didn't seem to feel it. That was the problem with drunks - they'll fight to the bitter end, because they don't know they've lost yet - too drunk. He opened his mouth - and belched. A foul concoction of chicken and beer and wine emanated from the depths of his stomach. It was beyond foul. As you stood there choking on the last of the stench, he seemed to start stumbling away - knocking into other patrons that haven't yet moved out of the way. You throw some sort of insult his way. With a slight peek over his left shoulder, he furrows his brow. Suddenly, without warning, he leaps - almost seven feet into the air - with the grace of a 95-pound ballerina. His arms splayed out to his sides as if to say, "Catch me." The fat man came crashing down. The stool where I once stood had exploded into pieces. The bar had broken in half. People were in a panic - they began to run. I never saw where he got the jug, but I did see him raise it over his head and smash it on the ground. Fragments flying everywhere - embedding them in my face and arms. B..ut ai I didn'tl;kasd semjms ato care. Nobody dtydid . I was Dtoo DRUUNK!Jk HAahahabhahaafaa!

  • Ashly Considine Reply

    Guy in the back knows the moves, too. Time for a dance off!

  • Vickie Flatley Reply

    出るコピーは打たれる! ---- Beer Gut Ballerina > > /u/ShortWhiteFriend: >>Japan is like some strange dystopian future-land. >> >>A middle-aged man nails a DDR-type game in the street while a Mario cosplayer, a young man with a surgical mask, and a group of women in boot heels and camo jackets look on. That's straight out of a DeLillo novel, right there. ---- ^(Have copy-kun fax you a copy:) `/u/copy-kun fax me` `` ^(Check out copy-kun on) ^[github](!

  • Kenna Fritsch Reply

    I need to go here someday for so many reasons: the Beer Gut Ballerina (goes without saying); the dude sitting down who's dressed like Mario like that's his regular outfit; the guy in the mask dancing along with the game like he the the BG Ballerina tag team this game... The list can go on but I'll stop it there.

  • Crystal Cronin Reply

    A lot is happening here. Beer Gut Ballerina. Mopey Mario. Guy who knows all the moves already. Lady behind the window having a wonderful time watching. and the guy with his hands in his pockets, wishing he could move like Beer Guy Ballerina. Such a roller coasters of different emotions...

  • Hayden Eichmann Reply

    Beer gut ballerina His pretty eyes are so blue. Beer gut ballerina Lord, I'm coming home to you. Here I come beer gut ballerina.

  • Novella Raynor Reply

    Beer Gut Ballerina is a good title. It has a sense of posterity about it.

  • Palma Dickens Reply

    >beer gut ballerina >beer