Belgian Woman Granted Legal Right to Die

A person’s right to die has always been a controversial legal subject all over the world, but the country of Belgium recently made history on this front. Last week a twenty-four year-old woman who has suffered from depression for many years and has had a death wish since a very young age has been granted the right to be euthanized despite not being terminally sick (Euthanasia was legalized in Belgium in 2002 for the physically ill).

Identified only be the name “Laura,” the woman had experienced a rough childhood, having dealt with an alcoholic father, and stated that she had been having thoughts of suicide for most of her life; she was admitted to a psychiatric ward at the age of twenty-one. The date on which she is to receive lethal injection had not been revealed to the public, but Laura is currently planning her own funeral and her farewells to her loved ones.

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