Bizarre “Dinosaur” Turtle Found On Russian Beach

A strange turtle has been found on a beach in Russia. The creature, which bears a resemblance to Bowser from Nintendo’s Super Mario series, was spotted near the Amur River which forms the border between the Russian Far East and Northeastern China.

It’s clear the turtle doesn’t belong in Russia and is not native to any country in the area. Experts believe that it is probably a species that is originally from South America and has been brought to China for breeding. It is likely that the animal escaped from a breeder and traveled along the river to the Russian beach.

The local woman who first reported it and took the photo of the turtle commented that: “When we saw it, we did not even realize that it was a turtle. It reminded us of a dinosaur. It was biting through sticks with its jaws and tried to attack us. It was caught by my fisherman friend. When I got the call I immediately rushed to watch and take pics.

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