Bradley Cooper Is Now Jennifer Lawrence’s Work Husband

Bradley Cooper might be newly single, but when it comes to having a “work wife” the actor is apparently quite locked up. According to Elle, actress Jennifer Lawrence announced that Cooper is officially her work husband and pointed to the fact that the pair have now worked together on four separate films in the last few years. Lawrence was also quick to point out that while the two are “work married” the marriage hasn’t been consummated. The actress says they keep the sex stuff on-screen only.

Cooper, for his part had nothing but nice things to say about his “work wife” at the premiere of Serena, one of those four films the couple have worked together on. “I respect her so much as a professional, as an actor, I think she’s the best there is.” The pair are currently filming their fourth film, David O. Russell’s Joy and it is that film that puts Cooper one ahead of Hunger Games series actor Josh Hutcherson. There’s no word yet whether Hutcherson is going to take the challenge to heart and attempt to find even more projects alongside Lawrence, or accept defeat.

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