Brave House Cat Stares Down Mountain Lion

A home video of a very calm looking house cat with only a glass door in between him and a much larger mountain lion went viral last week.

Tom Mabe, a Louisville, Kentucky-based comedian, recorded the interaction while visiting friends in the Colorado Rocky Mountains – about ten miles west of Boulder – last month. The calm cat sits on the windowsill and merely meows a couple of times as the mountain lion paws at the glass. Clearly kitty is used to visits from wilder cousins!

The video was originally posted onto You Tube last Sunday, and by Tuesday morning had reached more than 945,000 hits.

source: youtube
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  • Wilford Kertzmann Reply

    > "Where are the kids?" > "They're out back." > "TOMMY are you kidding me!?" > "Sssh, don't scare the cat."