Bride Is 11th Woman In Her Family To Wear 120-Year-Old Wedding Dress

A Pennsylvania bride is getting married wearing a 120 year old wedding dress that had been passed down in her family from generation to generation.

The first bride to wear the gown was Mary Lowry Warren, who wore it to her wedding in 1895. The gown was last worn by her mother, Leslie Kingston, who got married in 1991. The beautiful heirloom is breathtaking but you can tell that the bride was taller than the original wearer. She will be the 11th woman in her family to wear it.

Abigail Kingston said she first saw the dress on her aunt Ogden’s wedding when she was 5 years old, and immediately fell in love with it. She declared it the most beautiful dress she’d ever seen. Her Aunt Ogden was bride number 5 to wear it. “It is very, very fragile.” Kingston said.

It was not as perfect when it was first worn, as it has browned with age, the sleeves have disintegrated and the dress has holes and tears here and there. It took 200 hours of expert restoration for her to be able to wear it.

Abigail Kingston is very lucky to be wearing a century-old beautiful legacy and museum piece for her most important day. Many netizens were impressed with the handiwork of the vintage piece, and how timeless it is, more than a hundred years from when it was first worn. She is said to don the gown on her wedding day on October 17.

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