British Prime Minister Allegedly Stuffed His Penis Into Dead Pig’s Mouth

David Cameron, the British prime minister, has been accused of stuffing his penis into a dead pig’s mouth while attending the University of Oxford. While many public officials would be quick to deny these claims, Cameron has yet to respond to the allegations. The events were said to have taken place during an initiation for a secretive society at the University of Oxford, which have been detailed in Lord Ashcroft’s biography of the PM.

The claims were discovered within a political biography written by former party lead treasurer Lord Ashcroft. This book is said to release next month, and you can bet it is going to sell plenty of copies.

Since this news hit the world, the hashtag #PigGate has been going viral on Twitter. People are having a grand time picking fun at the prime minster, and some are even posting pictures of the man holding a pig in his arms.

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