Buff Kangaroo strikes a pose

source: imgur
  • "as an american, kangaroos seem beyond adorable. minus those ones who are more buff than most people i know"
  • MRW when my friends ask to see what progress I have made at the gym since New Years
  • Do you Kangaroo bro? Sheila does. Like the skank that she is!
  • All I could think of when I saw the buff kangaroo
  • Svunt is bulkan. Oz is up for aesthetic grabs!
  • Make this Roo A super roo. Please my kais
  • Australian Natural Body Building Champion
  • Kangaroo in Prison, flashing gang signs
  • Enjoy a random link for my way out
  • Buff Kangaroo strikes a pose
  • Do you even kangaroo, bro?
  • Austrian Buff kangaroo
  • Straight flexin on em
  • Jacked kangaroo
  • Straight Baller
  • Jim Carrey-roo
  • Farid Ben
  • me irl
  • Brah

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